Video Connection | UV Printing Wine Bottles: Glass Printing Adhesion Tips

Custom glass work can be a a great addition to a thriving business, but it’s also an easy way to start a business. This is because there is SO many different types of glass objects to decorate.

Wine bottles, ornaments, signage, cabinetry, mirrors, vases… The list goes on and on!

Decorated bottles like the wine bottles in this video can make for event decor, seasonal pieces or even permanent home pieces.

Wine bottles are also great for gifting. Weddings, engagement parties and bridal showers are just a few examples of when something like this could sell for big money.

UV inks are specially formulated to cure when exposed to ultraviolet (UV) light instead of oxidation (air). These unique inks dry much faster, resulting in sharper and more vibrant images than regular conventional inks.

There are a couple steps we will take to prepare the glass surface for UV Printing.

First we will use a standard cleaning solution like isopropyl alcohol to wipe down the bottles to remove any residue on the bottles from previous labels.

Then we use the pyrosil flame torch and pyrosil liquid treatment with a brush.

The rotary jig attachment for the Mutoh XpertJet 661UF is the perfect add on tool for cylindrical items like drinkware. It gives you the ability to print 360 degree designs like even full wrap around prints. And with UV Curing inks there is no dripping, the design dries instantly.

Learn more about UV Printing with the Mutoh XpertJet 661UF

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