Finally! A White Toner Laser Printer for Transfers at Low Temperatures

The DigitalHeat FX™ System is the Most Successful System for White Toner Transfers

Did you hear the news? The DigitalHeat FX™ brand is now part of the ColDesi group. And together they are the #1 volume seller of the OKI® brand white toner laser printer in the United States.

Along with those changes, DigitalHeat FX™ now proudly introduces its newest transfer laser printer, the OKI proColor® 8432WT and 9541wt.

The Printer Creates Beautiful Transfer Sheets

The DigitalHeat FX Transfer Printing Systems are made to print beautiful quality custom transfer sheets.  But unlike other transfers, the Digital HeatFX system puts out transfers which are made specifically for low-temperature applications.

Operators or business owners can use these white toner laser printer transfers to put high-quality images onto hundreds of different materials.

The OKI 8432wt and OKI 9541wt white toner laser printer are part of OKI’s proColor™ series. The proColor™ series was made for professional graphic artists where quality high volume output is necessary.

The machine uses its high speed as well as its spot-true representation of the colors. The proColor series is also known for extra durable feeders and PANTONE® support on select models.

image of woman using her oki pro 9541 white toner printer

Professional Grade White Toner Laser Printer for Transfers

When color is essential, and volume transfer output is critical, these proColor™ printers makes an excellent choice.

This professional grade white toner laser printer for transfers comes fully loaded with everything a t-shirt shop needs to make great prints.

Utilizing its fast LED print engine, the pro8432WT outputs bright, crisp full-color transfer sheets.

Not only that, your custom designs can be applied to almost anything.  These digital quality transfer sheets can be sold right as they come out of the machine to other businesses.  Better yet, they can be heat pressed on to hundreds of garments or items.

Quality Output at High Resolution

High-resolution images at 1200 by 600 dots per inch and a maximum paper size of 11” by 17” (Tablet Size) and.  The machine can output full-color transfers at over 16 pages per minute in high definition digital color.

In addition to the high-quality production, OKI made significant upgrades to their white toner laser printer engine. The new OKI proColor printer great media versatility as well.

Fast Warm-up and Speedy Prints

Being able to quickly go from a full power down situation to a finished print can make all the difference in the mind of the customer.

A quick turn around can keep your client from walking out in from frustration. So whether you’re doing short runs, or if you work in a one-off retail environment or at events.

The fast warm up time of the OKI 8432wt means you can go from image to print in as little as 3 minutes. That’s a blazing speed for any white toner laser printer.

And image if you’re using screen printing for your small short runs. The messy inks, long set-up times and the constant swapping of screens will be a thing of the past. And the OKI makes a terrific alternative to direct to garment printing.

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