Video Connection | The 4 Most Common Embroidery Mistakes

If you are new to embroidery or thinking about getting into embroidery, watch this entire video. These solutions to the most common embroidery mistakes could save you time and headaches.

#1 - Improper Hooping

Hooping is something that can take time and practice. Your hooped garment needs to be tight, secure, and correctly lined up. If your hopping is too loose, it will create wrinkles and pull your fabric, creating a crooked and wonky logo. For easy hooping, we recommend the Allied Gridlock Hoops. They feature premium-grade plastic that makes your shirt nice and secure. These hoops also have grid lines that make it really easy to line up your design. Lastly, they have a tension knob that can be adjusted once your garment is already hooped, which helps eliminate common embroidery mistakes.

#2 - Not changing needles often enough

If you are getting constant thread breaks, it could be because it's time to change your needles. The best way to gauge this is to sew out a design that you know consistently works well and never gives you trouble. If you are still getting thread breaks, it's probably your needles. Our go-to needles are the Groz-Beckert titanium needles.

#3 - Not checking bobbin tension

Bobbin tension is one of the number one things that is constantly overlooked by novice and experienced embroiderers. Our embroidery pros at ColDesi say it's a great habit to check your bobbin tension before every big job. To check your bobbin tension, we do the drop test. Basically, you will drop your bobbin down like a yo-yo and see how far it falls. The safe zone is about 2 - 3 inches. If it falls more than that, your bobbin tension is too loose; if it doesn't fall far enough, your tension is too tight.

#4 - Bad Digitizing

Good digitizing is the easiest way to beat the competition. However, if you take the cheap route here, it will be highly noticeable, which is how you lose customers. When you compare the same logo digitized well and digitized poorly, you visually see the difference and notice the difference in sewing time. If a design is poorly digitized, it may have no rhyme or reason, have too many unnecessary stitches, cause bird nesting, break needles, take way too long and ultimately give you tons of headaches. This is why we always recommend using a trusted, premium digitizing service, like ColDesi Graphics. ColDesi Graphics never auto-digitizes, and they send a photo of your design already sewn out, so you know exactly what it's going to look like before even turning on your machine.

If you watched this and are thinking about getting into embroidery, do not let this scare you! Bumps in the road happen with any piece of technology or machinery. But, when you buy and Avance Embroidery Machine from ColDesi, you are going to get all the training and support you need to be successful.

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