Helped Customers Start or Expand their Business
Custom T-Shirts Printed Monthly on Our DTG Printers
Gross Profits In Our Customers Pockets Every 30 Days

Our Story

ColDesi has helped almost 32,000 people start or grow their business. We do that not just by providing a wide mix of professional apparel decorating and promotional products marking equipment, but also with our outstanding training, support and all new graphic design and digitizing services as well.

A start or small business can come to ColDesi for advice on choosing equipment, then can order their graphics, supplies + blank apparel – all from the same company.

Our 2020 Product line-up includes:

  • Bihong Daily-Jet 4060 Digital Screen-Printing System
  • G4 DTG Printer Vacuum Platen
  • Avancé 1501C-2020 commercial embroidery machine
  • DigitalHeat FX White Toner Transfer Printers
  • Compress iUV600s, iUV1200s, Mutoh ValueJet 426UF UV Printers
  • CAMS Rhinestone Transfer machines
  • ProSpangle and SpangleElite Splangle (Bling) Transfer systems
  • We also provide ongoing business help in the form of our Custom Apparel Startups Facebook Group and the CASPodcast.

Since we deal with more than one kind of equipment we rely on happy, successful customers adding decorating methods and machines to their businesses to power our business. In fact, we recently estimated that between 125,000 and 200,000 custom t-shirts are printed using our direct to garment printers EVERY MONTH. That’s approximately $1,600,000 in gross profit that is injected into our customers’ pockets every 30 days. And that’s not including our best-selling commercial embroidery systems, heat transfer systems, rhinestone machines or spangle equipment.