Helped Customers Start or Expand their Business

Custom T-Shirts Printed Monthly on Our DTG Printers

Gross Profits In Our Customers Pockets Every 30 Days

Our Story

ColDesi is extremely proud to offer an amazing product line designed for the custom t shirt, embroidery and apparel decorating businesses. We currently offer direct to garment printers, commercial embroidery machines, rhinestone machines and our innovative ProSpangle spangle transfer system. We are committed to helping beginners and established companies alike succeed in their business ventures by providing the equipment, offering the support, training and care needed to make them successful. In fact, ColDesi’s online and on-site training programs were recently highlighted in Stitches Magazine, a leading industry publication.

In our more than 17 years in business we’ve helped 20,000+ people get started in or expand their custom apparel business. Since we deal with more than one kind of equipment we rely on happy, successful customers adding decorating methods and machines to their businesses to power our business. In fact, we recently estimated that between 125,000 and 200,000 custom t-shirts are printed using our direct to garment printers EVERY MONTH. That’s approximately $1,600,000 in gross profit that is injected into our customers’ pockets every 30 days. And that’s not including our best-selling commercial embroidery systems, rhinestone machines or spangle equipment.

We are so serious about supporting our customers that we have currently have 50 people on staff  and more of those people work on customer support, machine preparation and training than sales staff, accounting staff or management. ColDesi made a decision in the fall of 2015; instead of attending expensive trade-shows around the country we added personnel and infrastructure so we could help more people get started and stay up and running.