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Talking to us IS different. It’s like getting advice from a friend in the business.
From someone that doesn’t have a vested interest in shoehorning you into the ONE system they offer.
Because ColDesi has so many different options to choose from.

We have 10 ways to make custom tshirts, caps and fashion items

4 ways to make promotional products

Because we’re pros in more than one thing.

More than one technology.

More than one way.

2 ways to make signs

and awards & accessories an unlimited number of ways to fuel your success

What We Offer…

Talk to a Pro
about your Dream and
how we can help.

Chat below,
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What our customers have to say…

How it works…

Take these simple steps to match your dream to the right tools:

Step 1

Focus on what you want to do - not how to do it.

You have a clear picture of what you want your business to look like, we'll help you navigate your options to the RIGHT tools.

Step 2

Act on your dream.

We'll get you the pricing and help with financing options. Once you take that small step into action, committing yourself to get started - we're going to help every way we can.

Step 3

Follow through.

This is where you'll really notice the difference in partnering with ColDesi. Everything we do next revolves around you. Getting you set up. Your Training. Your Support. Your questions answered for a FAST START to achieving your dream.

Learn more about ColDesi Brands…

You have options with us.
And maybe you’re the kind of person that really wants to RESEARCH those options before you talk to someone about them.
Fair enough.
You can learn something about each ColDesi brand here on the website. Then if you want to go even deeper, each brand has its own websites with even more information.
But here’s a little unsolicited advice… use us to help you go through it.
We do a LOT. And it’s all pretty cool. Which means you can end up with analysis paralysis instead of clarity on the next step to your dream.
So feel free to click on our brands below to learn more. But chat or call one of our pros to help you go through it all as soon as you’re ready.

Do you listen?

In 2015 we realized that there was PLENTY of information out there about how to print, embroidery, bling, screen, tie-dye, patch, and sew -but almost nothing about how to actually RUN YOUR BUSINESS.
So we create the Custom Apparel Startups Podcast (#CASPodcast) as a way to educate people on the most common questions they don’t usually think of until AFTER they start a business.




  • How to Build your Online Store the Right Way
  • Copyrights and Trademarks for Custom T-Shirts
  • How to Make More Money
  • Free Government Resources
and more…