Talking to ColDesi about your business is definitely DIFFERENT.

We’ve helped over 30,000 people just like you ACHIEVE THEIR DREAMS. Making that connection between the life and business you’re dreaming of and the tools it will take to get you there.

Talking to ColDesi about your business is definitely DIFFERENT.

We’ve helped over 30,000 people just like you ACHIEVE THEIR DREAMS. Making that connection between the life and business you’re dreaming of and the tools it will take to get you there.

Talking to us IS different. It’s like getting advice from a friend in the business.
From someone that doesn’t have a vested interest in shoehorning you into the ONE system they offer. Because ColDesi has so many different options to choose from.

WE HAVE 10 ways to make custom tshirts, caps and fashion items

4 ways to make promotional products

Because we’re pros in more than one thing.

More than one technology.

More than one way.

2 ways to make signs

and awards, and accessories — an unlimited number of ways to fuel your success.

Because we’re pros in more than one thing.

More than one technology.

More than one way.

we have 10 ways to make custom tshirts, caps and fashion items

4 ways to make promotional products

2 ways to make signs

and awards, and accessories — an unlimited number of ways to fuel your success.

What We Offer…

T-Shirt Transfer Printers

ColDesi’s white toner printers and t-shirt transfer papers have fueled the launch of HUNDREDS of small business dreams – and help take hundreds of existing business and crafters to that next level. Of creative freedom. Of more sales. Of being able to say YES to more customers.

There’s a t-shirt transfer printer here to fit your budget and help you be the next one to achieve dreams. LEARN MORE>

UV Printers

Compress Flatbed UV Printers are probably the most versatile product ColDesi offers. They’re used to create everything from signs to custom basketballs. Musical instruments to electrical boxes. Logoized USB drives and keychains to custom printed tiles.
And Yeti-style travel cups and coolers too.

Anything you can think of that you need to make or mark – think Compress iUV600s or iUV 1200s.

[The custom guitars MAY be the coolest].


Online Courses

Custom Apparel Startups is a great place to start learning about the custom apparel business.

It hosts our keystone online course “How to Start a Custom T-Shirt Business”

And another on creating custom t-shirt graphics using FREE software.

And we also host the CASPodcast – 90+ hours of business advice you can listen to as many times as you need to.

If you’re just getting started – visit this website to lay the right foundation.



Direct to Garment Printers

The Kings of custom t-shirt printing, DTG offers very fast, high quality full color short run t-shirt printing. This ink jet technology has everything a custom t-shirt shop needs; Beautiful prints, no set up time, and incredibly profitable on a per shirt basis.
Large print size. Soft to the touch.

If you’re looking for a professional alternative or add on to screen printing – this is it.

Our DTG Printers are the #1 Choice for existing businesses that want to expand.

Heat Transfer Vinyl

You know what people that do LOTS of vinyl t-shirt graphics want the most? Something that is EASY to weed, feels awesome and looks great.

Triton vinyl was created to be EXACTLY those 3 things. And our Triton users LOVE it.

Available in multiple colors and styles – Triton vinyl is the basis for our CutnPress custom t-shirt systems. Crazy popular bundles of a professional cutter, Triton HTV and a heat press. Oh, and training too! Click on the logo to learn more.

Supplies and Accessories

Colman and Company is so much more than just supplies and accessories.. it’s ColDesi’s ecommerce arm.

It’s where you get all of your DTG ink, transfer papers, bling supplies and embroidery sundries, sure. But when you visit the site and chat with the people – or call in and talk to them – you’ll find it’s not just the products that are for sale.
There’s a team of pros that know the business, know what you need. And are real problem solvers – if you’re an embroiderer, ask them about the Embroidery Grip. A cutter user? Find out what you need to make rhinestone designs.
Call Colman and Company – they’re your partners too.


Embroidery Machines


 ColDesi cut its business on Commercial Embroidery Machines. And the Avancé line up has been built from the ground up with our 30+ years of experience in that business.

That means you get REAL value when you partner with ColDesi and the Avancé embroidery machines. Not just equipment value – like a huge embroidery field, problem-solving hooping devices, and more. You get ColDesi family value – great training, great support, and a staff that really cares about you and your success.

And make sure you speak to our teams about Modular Multiheads – the super efficient idea of grouping multiple single head machines together. It really hits the sweet spot in price and productivity. LEARN MORE>


Bling Equipment

You already know what we mean by bling, right? There are a bunch of ways we offer for you to create fully custom sparkly apparel and promo products. But just saying that is pretty dull compared to actually SEEING what these different systems can do.

The ProSpangle allows you to easily make professional bling transfers with up to six different color/size combinations at once – and at the lowest cost per transfer of any our bling machines. Click on the logo to learn more.

The BrushNBake is a cutter based system that makes rhinestone transfers. It’s a little more manual than the rest, but that won’t hinder your imagination or how happy your customers will be at all.
CAMS machines are commercial, automatic rhinestone transfer machines. If you are mass producing a product or selling transfers wholesale this is your machine.

Click on the logo to learn more.


SpangleElite is our most portable bling machine AND it’s our least expensive automatic machine. That means you can make the beautiful bling designs as the ProSpangle – on color/size at a time – but in a package that will fit on the passenger seat of your car, in a kiosk or comfortably in a back room workshop. Click on the logo to learn more.

CAMS Rhinestone Machines

The CAMS 1V-6P automatic rhinestone transfer machine is a real start in our bling line up. If you’ve seen a cheerleading uniform, sports mom t-shirt or resort wear anywhere in the country it is VERY likely it was made with our CAMS machine.

6 colors, 6 sizes or beautiful glass rhinestones gives you the freedom to design the bling tee of your dreams! Commercial quality, built to last. Click on the logo to learn more.

Training & Support

garment printing with ColdesiMany years ago we decided to move the budget that we used to spend on trade shows and other things – and spend it on building the best training and support systems in the industry.

Now you get online equipment and software courses designed by an Instructional Designer. You get amazing live online video training. And you get the best people possible helping you get up and running

Once you get trained, you’ll really feel the difference in how ColDesi support takes the problem in your way and makes it disappear. We even include webcams with your machines – because why wait for a road tech to get to you when literally the BEST person to talk to is one video call away.





Talk to a Pro about your Dream and how we can help.

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What our customers have to say…

We could not have chosen a better company to supply with the equipment, technical support, and cream-of-the-crop customer support while our company - K & M Masterpiece, LLC - is still in its infancy. We have never experienced such a high level of support with any supplier before. I know Holly, Amy, and the rest of the team is going to be jealous but we will forever owe a debt of gratitude to Tristan. I wore her out with questions that she had to take a week off from me (lol). Kudos to you all.

K & M Masterpiece, LLC

WOW, what a great experience from Erica, Iris/sales rep, Allen/trainer, Mark S./marketing Guru & Katrina from Adia Capital. I live locally & came in for a demo of a smaller machine (SpangleElite). Everyone was super nice & knowledgeable & I ended up getting the big machine I wanted (ProSpangle) thinking originally I couldn't ever afford it.

This was completely my decision, no one ever gave me a sales pitch, pressured or rushed me. Very happy & confident in my success since they have my back, do not shop anywhere else. Thanks.


After extensive research and speaking to different companies, we decided to go with ColDesi.

As a new startup, we really appreciated the time that the ColDesi team, specifically Amber, took to explain our options from equipment to financing.

Amber made the whole process a lot less daunting that it initially seemed. We haven't received our equipment yet but we are confident that the experience with ColDesi will continue to be simple and prosperous for our business. Thank you!


Your tech support is top notch! Had my issue resolved in a matter of minutes. Thank you so much for providing a great item backed by great service. My Avance has almost 25 million stitches and still going like a champ! People told me to stay away from lower cost embroidery machines and get either Tajima or Barudan...I have not one regret and my Avance 1501 has been the backbone to my business. Love it and love the support! Thank you again!

Julie B.

Awesome tech support, I ran out of time, but the support was above expectation!! I am a rookie and will call back tomorrow. After today's call I felt like they welcomed all my questions. A+++ thanks


I had a problem installing the Smart Cut Software.

I made a ticket and before I could get the ticket number from my email Jason from support services had already called me. He was super nice with a wonderful personality and made me feel like part of the Coldesi Family.

No problem was too big or too small, not only did he install my software for me, but he even checked and made sure that I had installed the other software correctly without me even asking. Thank you Jason!



Your support was so awesome it left me feeling like I’m literally your only customer in the whole wold. Best after sale support I’ve experienced hands down!


One more time ColDesi showed how much they care about their costumer. Thank you so much Sean for your quick response on helping with my issue. I’m proud of ColDesi team. Super recommend!


Went on site today to see the CompressUV Printer in action. Worked with Don, Bill and Iris. I will give them 5 stars because I cannot give them six. They are extremely knowledgeable of the equipment, designing and substrates. I went in with very high expectations. They exceeded them all. The are very personable. Stress free atmosphere. They do not pressure you whatsoever. The facilities are clean, professional and loaded with friendly people. I brought them difficult items to print. I brought them my files. They didn't bat an eye. Great company. Great people. Don is as fun in person as he is in his videos. I highly recommend them!

Danny Pa.

From the initial search to the final purchase - the entire process was seamless and easy. I highly recommend a bundle purchase there are many to choose from and the assistance with selecting the right one for our business was top notch. Cannot wait for delivery! Thank you.

Heather B.

Amber made the purchasing of my equipment extremely simple. She answered all of my questions quickly and was very pleasant and professional. Can't wait to receive my equipment and get started.

Daniel P.

Holly has been great she has been so patient with me in my decision to buy or not to buy. She knows all about the printer I bought and recommended everything for me to get printing right away. If my printer everything breaks I hope they are as knowledgeable as Holly. If not I’ll be calling Holly and I am sure she will find a way to solve my problem.

Samuel G.

We finally took the step to invest in an embroidery machine. After much research, we decided to purchase an Avance from ColDesi. My contact, Tristan, was extremely helpful, answering all of my questions, providing immediate feedback. Even taking the time to take measurements for me. After sealing the deal, I've been receiving much-needed information regarding shipping and training. All in all, we have received outstanding service. Can't wait till it arrives!

Cindy F.

Ed was nothing but helpful and patient. He knows this was a big decision and respected the process for me. He gave me contacts to reach out to get their experiences. I can't wait to get started! The ColDesi community looks amazing.

Whitney T.

I have been purchasing from ColDesi for several years now. I've always had the pleasure of working with Scott Levine. He has taken care of all my machine needs and always goes that extra mile for my Business. That coupled with great tech support and customer service, keeps me with ColDesi.

Sue R.

Awesome experience, I have worked in customer service for many years so how I am treated as a customer is very important to me. Jen was very helpful with any question I may have had. I never seemed rushed when I called with questions. She was very prompt, followed up and most important was not pushy when I told her I needed a little time to speak things over with my husband. I appreciate the customer service provided to me during this process. Thanks

Katrina D.

This is my second time making a major purchase with Coldesi. My salesman, Ed Steele, always comes through for me! He provides timely answers to my research and questions, helping me to be able to make informed decisions when purchasing equipment for my business. He made the process seamless and pleasurable. Thank you, again, for such a great customer service experience.

Shavon L.

The representatives that I dealt with was ready to help and assisted my wife and me with a combination that has us ready for business. We both are new small business owners and we didn't know where to start or what we were doing. But the staff there took us under their wings and guided us through with ease. I would give two thumbs up to the sales and finance departments. YOU GUYS DID THAT!!!!

Vedo H.

Wow! The experience has been amazing. Starting with Dawn all the way up to Luis in shipping. Fast answers to any and all my questions. Absolutely no pressure and what I believe to be my best customer service experience in a long time. Thank you ALL!

Roger M.

ColDesi team absolutely exceeded my expectations. It feels like longtime friends right when I walked in. It really feels like they are there for you every time you need. I’m very happy for choosing ColDesi to purchase my equipment from. Thanks Iris Cruz for helping me to choose my Avancé 1501, Shawn for a great job in showing how the machine works, and Michelle for the outstanding training classes.

Ivonete C.

How it works…

Take these simple steps to match your dream to the right tools:


Step 1

Focus on what you want to do – not how to do it.

You have a clear picture of what you want your business to look like, we’ll help you navigate your options to the RIGHT tools.


Step 2

Act on your dream.

We’ll get you the pricing and help with financing options. Once you take that small step into action, committing yourself to get started – we’re going to help every way we can.


Step 3

Follow through.

This is where you’ll really notice the difference in partnering with ColDesi. Everything we do next revolves around you. Getting you set up. Your Training. Your Support. Your questions answered for a FAST START to achieving your dream.

Dreams Come True…

We know it’s hard to get started. Taking that first step seems like a big LEAP sometimes.
But you can be encouraged by the people that came before you – that made the jump – that started their business with ColDesi behind them – and made it.

Now take a minute.

Close your eyes.

And imagine…

What will
Your ColDesi Success Story look like?
What will it be about?
And how long are you willing to wait to make that video a reality?

Learn more about ColDesi Brands…

You have options with us.
And maybe you’re the kind of person that really wants to RESEARCH those options before you talk to someone about them.
Fair enough.
You can learn something about each ColDesi brand here on the website. Then if you want to go even deeper, each brand has its own websites with even more information.
But here’s a little unsolicited advice… use us to help you go through it.
We do a LOT. And it’s all pretty cool. Which means you can end up with analysis paralysis instead of clarity on the next step to your dream.
So feel free to click on our brands below to learn more. But chat or call one of our pros to help you go through it all as soon as you’re ready.

Do you listen?

In 2015 we realized that there was PLENTY of information out there about how to print, embroidery, bling, screen, tie-dye, patch, and sew -but almost nothing about how to actually RUN YOUR BUSINESS.
So we create the Custom Apparel Startups Podcast (#CASPodcast) as a way to educate people on the most common questions they don’t usually think of until AFTER they start a business.


  • How to Build your Online Store the Right Way
  • Copyrights and Trademarks for Custom T-Shirts
  • How to Make More Money
  • Free Government Resources
and more…

Ready To Get Started?

Simply call 877-793-3278, chat below or click the button and fill out a form.

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