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The Trick to Selling More: Great Ad Design

Simple Ways to Turn Ad Dollars Into Profits For the most part we’re surrounded by good ads, whether it be a movie ad online, a restaurant ad on television, etc. The thing to keep in mind is that these big brands have teams of people working to create that ad. Though...

Sell Something Today

We talk a lot about marketing, but we see all the time on the Facebook group and we get calls about it: “My business isn’t doing well RIGHT NOW. How can I sell more stuff?” So what’s missing is “today.” Let’s do something today. This is a morning drive activity. You...

Customer Reviews are Mandatory

This week we chatted with Mike Herz from Shopper Approved to talk about why you must have ratings and reviews. It’s no longer an option. There’s a book we’re currently reading called Hug your Haters by Jay Baer. In it he talks about how the average customer will...

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