How To DTG Print on Black Polyester | DTG Direct-to-Film Transfers

DTG Printers make very high-quality custom t-shirts. They can print designs that no other technology can quite match.

As long as you’re either printing on cottons OR light-colored polyester. Maybe a few tri-blends if you don’t require a vibrant print.

DTG Print used to have it’s limitations, like:

#1: Printing on black polyester or performance wear

#2: Alternative placements – like creating tags for your tees OR printing on sleeves or pant legs or other areas that it’s hard to print on.

NOT ANYMORE! Printing Direct-to-Film transfers on the DTG G4 is an easy way to avoid all these obstacles.

Here is how it works: Printing a DTF Transfer with a DTG machine – You still bring your graphic into a RIP software. The PrintOptimizer RIP software is based on the same software engine as RIP Pro for DTG so it’s VERY similar.

Your design will pop up on the touch screen control panel on the DTG G4. This revolutionary DTG printer has an on-board memory so it will also save this art file and you can select it for printing again later.

The DTG DTF is designed to print on a sheet of film, one transfer at a time. The G4 has a patented vacuum platen so we like to place a t-shirt down, then lay the film on top of that. We have found this creates a great suction and is easier to work with.

Applying the Hotmelt Powder to the Transfer After gelling the ink (letting it dry a little bit on the heat press) you will load the transfer into the powder tube and gently shake it around.

Curing a DTF Transfer When you use a DTG printer to print on film there are a few different curing processes involving a heat press.

After the powder is applied you will use the hover feature of the Digital Knight DK20 Heat Press. The powder needs to cure for 2 minutes and then the transfer is ready to be heat applied to garments or sold wholesale as is!

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