Custom Printed Canvas Prints -Wedding Guest Book Cover Prints In Canvas| Compress UV Printer

The Wedding & Bridal Market is a HUGE money maker. This special event can bring in tons of money for your shop. Already making their bridal party and groomsmen t-shirts? Add in custom favors and decorations with the Mutoh XpertJet.
In this video, Don has a fresh idea on a unique item that everyone will want at their wedding.
Forget those boring old guest books that no one will look at again. Say hello to the best way to commemorate that special day!
A Wedding Guestbook Canvas is so fun to print and they look amazing. Friends and family can sign their names on an item that looks great enough to display in a home forever.
Having a professional UV Printer is the best way to produce canvases like this. ColDesi’s UV Printers, like the Compress and XpertJet line from Mutoh, print high quality images super fast. The best part is the image dries instantly. That’s the magic of UV Printing. The UV lights cure the ink as soon as it’s printed.
UV Printing can be done on a variety of different substrates. Canvas is just one of the possibilities. Acrylic, metals, ceramic, chloroplast, candles and plastics, are just some of the things you can customize.
For the art itself, you can design it yourself with a graphics software. Or you can purchase it from an artist. From there you input the design file into the UV RIP Software that comes with the machine.
Once you set it up with room around the edges for people to sign their names, you just press print! You don’t have to babysit the machine, just set it and forget it!
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