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DTF Printing

There is simply no better way to produce amazing quality t-shirt transfers - especially at high volume.

DTF Direct to Film Printers

DTF or Direct-to-Film printing is a way to make very high-quality, full-color digital transfers for application to fabrics of all kinds.

The core advantages of direct to film and of the high volume direct to film printers that you’ll find here include:

Watch this video to understand the basics of how DTF printers work and the process involved, then learn more about each model and the applications below.

Applying the Adhesive to the Custom DTF Transfer Prints

It’s the unique powder adhesive coating that gives DTF prints their signature soft touch.  Instead of thick transfer films, or vinyl’s,  the Direct to Film Process has only two ingredients.  The ink, and a thin coating of powered adhesive. 

The soft hand of DTF is holy grail of custom apparel.  It’s never been possible to get the incredible soft feel of half-tone screen printing in a transfer process.  But with DTF, you get all that and more.

The DTF powder adhesive is moisture-seeking, so it draws itself into the ink of the print and chemically bonds to form a strong permanent adhesive that sticks extremely strong to both cotton and polyester fibers.

DTF 24H2

$ 25,995
Finance as low as $549/mo.*
  • Speed: 45-55 Linear Feet per hour
  • Speed: 100 Full Front Transfers/hour
  • Print Optimizer Software
  • Training & Support
  • Dimensions:
    Printer only: 37" x 67.5"
    Applicator: 76" x 38"
    Combined: 67.5" x 131"

DTF 24H4

$ 35,995
Finance as low as $789/mo.*
  • Speed: 145 Linear Feet per hour
  • Speed: 300 Full Front Transfers/hour
  • Print Optimizer Software
  • Training & Support
  • Dimensions:
    Printer only: 35.5" x 78"
    Applicator: 43.5" x 84"
    Overall: 78" x 132"

Watch videos of DTF Printers in Action!

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So the big questions are:


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