ProSpangle is a commercial quality Hotfix spangle machine that represents a real breakthrough in technology that can have a huge impact on your business. If BLING is on your mind for producing custom t shirts, you must visit

What are Spangles?

“Spangles”, Hotfix spangles specifically, are made from the same material as sequins, but with several important differences.

NO HOLES – sequins are designed to be sewn on, so there is always a hole in the middle that breaks up your design. Spangles give you just that much more shine and impact with every pattern. Hotfix sequin transfers do away with the thread, but still leave a hole.

HEAT APPLIED – spangle transfers are truly “Hotfix”, meaning they have heat activated adhesive an every one, just like rhinestones. So NO SEWING or Embroidery necessary. It works just like a rhinestone transfer.

LONG LASTING – because there are no threads, there’s nothing to get cut or damaged when worn or in the wash. The Hotfix adhesive binds to the fabric giving your designs many years of life.

Since the ProSpangle produces a “transfer” just like a rhinestone transfer it’s simple to store and to ship. Since you’re cutting shapes out of continuous ribbons of material, the end result is much less expensive than a comparable rhinestone transfer as well.

How Much Can I Make with ProSpangle?

Watch this video and see what your ROI is on the ProSpangle machine.

ColDesi’s ProSpangle Machine.
The ProSpangle has taken the bling machine market by storm since it’s release in late 2013, and for good reason. It’s the first TRUE spangle machine to come to market and offers superior speed, software and size/color options to anything else available. A Spangle is a sequin with no hole, so the color and shine you get from the bling material isn’t broken up – you get a perfectly round, whole disk of SHINE! Coupled with incredible top speed of 1000 spangles per minute and low, low cost of materials, this machine is arguably the most profitable piece of equipment you can own.

Amazing Profits in this ProSpangle ROI Example

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