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The words “heat press” describe both the operation and intent of these devices.

A heat press is basically a kind of commercial grade iron that applies heat and pressure to a garment.  Part of nearly all custom apparel shops, getting the right heat press for your needs is important.

The reason you’re applying heat as well as pressure can be to activate or seal garment printer inks into a t-shirt, melt the glue from hotfix rhinestones, sequins or spangles and press onto a garment, or apply any kind of vinyl transfer onto apparel.

What Should You Look For In A Heat Press?

The answers are the same whether you’re working with direct to garment printing, rhinestone transfers, spangle transfers, heat transfers or even embroidered patches.

The list below includes optional features as well as the basics, but each are important enough to inform your purchase:

  • ACCURACY OF TEMPERATURE – this must be measure across the entire surface. For consistent results you cannot have the center of your press be at 320F and the edges at 300F!


  • ACCURACY OF PRESSURE – pressure can be key depending on your product, especially for rhinestones and spangles.


  • DURABILITY – The heat press gets used in a very physical way throughout the day so the construction MUST stand up.



ColDesi, a distributor of Geo Knight heat presses, offers the highest of quality presses, featuring a full range of operation styles, sizes and configurations.

Overall, each heat press features state-of-the-art control systems, heavy-duty solid steel framework, and industry leading innovation. Geo Knight heat presses are known for their high quality, performance and durability and are made and serviced in the USA at a factory in Brockton, MA.

Heat Press Options

A heat press can range in price from $200 to the many thousands, so it’s important to match your business, budget and application with the right press.  Below you’ll find the basic features that will lead you to the best options, and then the pricing is provided farther down on this page next to each press.


The platen is the lower table part of the heat press that you lay your garment and transfer on. Platen sizes start as small as 12” and work their way up past the most popular size of 16” X 20”.


Each type of apparel decorating process has a different recommended temperature and timing. Leaving it on too long is just like leaving your home iron on a shirt for too long! Do you have to release the heat press at the right time or will it do that automatically?


A clam shell press opens UP with the top half of the press coming down like a clam’s shell. The swing away heat press has a top that raises straight up slightly, then swings out of the way horizontally to allow you to remove the current garment and add the next.  The swing away exposes less of the hot surface, making it safer to operate, and provides the most even pressure possible since it comes straight down onto the platen below.


Higher end heat presses are often pneumatic, with air pressure being used to lift up and move the top half of the heat press. More automation, less manual effort.

DK20A Auto Clam Shell Heat Press

Our Most Popular Heat Press 

The DK20A is the AUTO-RELEASE “Pop-Up” version of our largest manual clam shell press and is by far our most popular heat press for DTG, Rhinestone Transfers and our new Spangle Machine. 

This amazing high-tech feature makes your Digital Knight clam shell act like a semi-automatic, air operated press, without the compressor! Simply close the press as you normally do, and at the end of the digital timing cycle the press releases automatically. Only $1,495.00

The Auto-Release upgrade also features the “HOVER” feature. This means when the handle is lowered without fully clamping the machine, the press will hover over the work, usually needed for curing purposes. At the end of the time cycle the press releases automatically as usual.

The DK20A 16×20 clamshell press opens for full access to the lower bottom table. It is important to note that the back of the heat platen raises above and away the bottom table, providing better access than other clamshell presses. The frame support allows operators to slide shirts over the table with complete drape space around and underneath the loading area. Interchangeable bottom tables for smaller pressing areas are available. This press is idea for environments with space limitations, and for users who need more portability and mobility than swing away presses.

JP14 Entry Level Heat Press

Beginner Heat Press

The JP14 “Jet Press” from George Knight is a swing away press that has the same heavy steel construction and great warranty as the bigger models, but comes at $495.00 is at a price point that makes getting into the business very attractive. The JP14 comes with a 14″ X 12″ platen so is small enough, and light enough to fit in a home office or spare room. 

Perfect for getting started with transfers, the JP14 is the choice for many of our customers just getting started!

DK20 Budget Business Heat Press

Commercial Heat Press for Consumer Price

The DK20 takes all of the features that you need in a commercial heat press; durability, accuracy and a great warranty, and puts it into an easy to afford $1325 package. The DK20 has all the same basic features of the DK20A (automatic), but trades your attention in releasing the press when the timer goes off for several hundred dollars in the price. 

Look at the video below for a full demonstration, then fill out the Contact Form below to inquire. 

DK20S Swing Away Press

Best Selling Heat Press for Busy Shops

The DK20S is a swing away press with a 16″ X 20″ platen, a digital timer and accommodates items up to 20″ thick. It’s digital control system allows you to store up to 70 presets, as well as dual presets for 2 stage heat press processes. At $1575, it’s a great press at a great price. 

Swing away heat presses provide more even and exact pressure than clam shell designs because the top platen only moves perfectly vertically or horizontally. There’s no opportunity for great pressure on the front where the handle is on a clam shell. 

Please watch the video below for a demonstration:

Heat Press for Caps and Hats

DK7 Cap and Hat Heat Press

This press features state-of-the-art control system and heavy-duty solid steel welded framework. These machines boast a lifetime warranty on the heat platen, and an unprecedented 3-year warranty on the heat-control electronics. The heat platens use SuperCoil-Microwinding© heater technology, a system of embedded heater windings that wind tightly and closely together throughout the entire platen for extremely even heat, fast recovery and fast heat up times.

The clamshell opening action pulls up and away from the loading table allowing for full unrestricted access to the platen. Gas spring hydraulic lifters provide a smooth, hands free opening action of the heater. The Digital Knight controller utilizes an easy to read oversized-digit LCD display to show time and temperature simultaneously, and the temperature readout is accurate within 2°. The controller also features a digital height/pressure gauge for displaying current height settings. The operator can use the 70 programmable presets for saving common application settings of Temp/Time/Pressure, ensuring consistent, repeatable results for all applications.

The DK7 cap press is just $595.00 and is shipped with a 4″ x 7″ lower platen. Two other sizes are available as extra options: 3.5″ x 6.5″ and 3″ x 5″. The cost for either additional form is $60.00.

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