CAMS Automatic Rhinestone Setting Machines

Rhinestones are the hottest form of apparel embellishment in the market today.  The CAMS Automatic rhinestone machines from ColDesi allow you to quickly and easily jump into the highly profitable rhinestone marketplace.

You can create custom designs for rhinestone only applications or create multi-media garments with screen printing, digital direct to garment prints, embroidery or any combination of these.  The applications are limited only by your imagination.

Why is rhinestone embellishment such a well kept secret?  Simply put, nothing adds more value to a garment than the application rhinestones, rhinestuds, crystal or nailheads.


Until recently most rhinestone application had been done by hand or with prohibitively expensive machines. Now, with a full line of automatic rhinestone machines available from ColDesi, you can add rhinestone embellishment that fits your budget and output needs.

Create Rhinestone Transfers For Beautiful Bling Garments.

Hands down, no other piece of embellishment equipment can make money at the rate of a CAMS automatic rhinestone machine.

You can create your own line of garments or jazz up existing designs as well as generate wholesale rhinestone transfers for other screen printers, embroiderers and digital printers who have not yet seen the light and invested in this revolutionary technology.


For the professional embellisher who’s wanting to produce multiple colors at top speed the CAMS 1V-6P will probably be the equipment required to output stunning rhinestone transfers.

This machine will permit you to reach niche markets that showcase rhinestones in its apparel. Dance dresses, skating apparel, team wear, trend clothing, couture fashion, souvenir shirts and uniforms are some of the various industries.


If you’ve reviewed our information on the CAMS 1V6P, it will be easy to see what the 4H-3P brings to the table. It’s like having FOUR 1V6P rhinestone transfer machines at the same time!

The CAMS 4H-3P produces four times the production with less than two-thirds of the cost of its closest competitor. It places 150 stones per minute, per head on four heads for an output of 600 stones per minute!

Takes an average rhinestone design of 300 stones and produces four pieces every two minutes. That’s 120 rhinestone transfers per hour.

CAMS 1V-6P places 170 rhinestones per minute to transfer paper 15.75 x 15.75 maximum size.
Wholesale Rhinestone Transfers
CAMS Automatic Rhinestone Machines probably power more of the wholesale rhinestone transfer trade than any other brand. Because the models vary in price range and capabilities it’s easy to find one to fit your business goals and your budget.
100% Trade Up Guarantee
Many new businesses invest in the 1V-2P Automatic Rhinestone Setting Machine, which is our entry level rhinestone transfer system, only to find that their business is so good, they needs something bigger! That’s why we offer a 100% Trade Up Guarantee on all of our new AND used CAMS machines.

CAMS – the Right System for You.

CAMS machines are the production work-horse for any business serious about adding bling to decorated apparel. Watch the video to learn about the CAMS 1V-6P automatic rhinestone setting machine.

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