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Roland BN-20

The Roland BN20 is a 20” print and cut machine that can make anything from full colors stickers and decals to custom t-shirt and more.

And it does that by being both a full color printer AND a standard vinyl cutter.

Giving the BN20 some impressive capabilities I-want-to-start-a-business capabilities.

Roland BN20 Printer Cutter

A printer cutter or print and cut machine looks like a standard vinyl cutter that you might use just for heat transfer vinyl (HTV) or sign vinyl.

Standard vinyl cutters allow you to cut out heat transfers of a single-color material.

For example, you need to put the last name to customize a football jersey you might choose a roll of white vinyl to cut out that one color. Then heat press it onto the jersey.

Or you could be creating a multi-color design like the one shown, but each single-color layer is done separately and combined on the shirt. (in the case of HTV)

Print and Cut Machine Difference

When you look at the BN-20 you can quickly see what sets it apart from a standard vinyl cutter though. Cartridges of ink!

Because the BN-20 is combination of that vinyl cutter AND a full color inkjet printer. You simply load your “cutter” with one of several kinds of printable vinyl instead of standard HTV.

What you can make is really limited only by your imagination!

What Can You Make with a Roland Printer Cutter?

How much money can you make?

One of the most profitable things you can create with the Roland is custom apparel and accessories.

Here are some examples of potential profits buying wholesale blank t-shirts or bags from Colman and Company, decorating them with the BN20 and selling them retail.

Apparel Profit Calculator

Hoodies Jerseys T-shirts Warmups Bags
Blank Item Cost $15.00 $15.00 $2.00 $50.00 $15.00
HTMS + Ink Cost $1.20 $2.40 $0.72 $2.40 $2.40
Graphic Size 9" x 5" 9" x 5" (2 sides) 6" x 4.5" 9" x 5" (2 sides) 9" x 5" (2 sides)
Retail Price $30.00 $35.00 $11.00 $75.00 $50.00
Pieces per Hour 20 10 30 10 10
Profit per Hour $276.50 $176.00 $248.40 $226.00 $326.00

Software and Printing

Roland VersaWorks RIP software comes with every print-cut machine. It controls everything about the machine, allowing you to efficiently prepare artwork for both print & cut functions with ease.

VersaWorks is a powerful, but simple to use application that works hand in hand with many popular vector graphics applications. Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Create your graphic

You can either create something yourself in applications like CorelDraw, or you can work with a company like to have them created for you. If you’re not a graphic artist, you may want to start ordering custom art first as you develop your own skills.

Step 2: Import into VersaWorks

It’s here that you will choose the kind of media you’re working with, like window film or sticker vinyl, and how many copies of the design you would like to print. You CAN do much more in VersaWorks, but those are the basics.

Step 3: Send to the printer cutter.

If you run a retail business where customers can see the BN20 print and cut, this will be a conversation stopper. People love to watch it print!

Roland VersaStudio BN20

$8961 $ 7,443
  • Integrated print/cut capabilities
  • Photorealistic printing up to 1440 dpi
  • State-of-the-art printing technology
  • Roland Intelligent Pass Control™ technology for unparalleled image quality at the highest print speeds
  • New wiper system to prolong life of the printhead, minimize maintenance, and improve image quality.
  • Desktop footprint
  • Choice of three Eco-SOL ink configurations and one four color Aqueous
  • Easy loading media system
  • R-Works™ design software included
  • VersaWorks 6 RIP Software included
  • Roland OnSupport software for remote production tracking available for download
  • One-Year Trouble-Free Warranty
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Specifications VersaStudio BN-20
Printing Method / Cutting Method Piezoelectric inkjet / Grit roller feed
Acceptable Media Width 5.9 to 20.3 in. (150 to 515 mm)
Acceptable Media Thickness Printing: Maximum 39 mil (1.0 mm) with liner

Cutting: Maximum 16 mil (.4 mm) with liner
Acceptable Media Roll Weight Maximum 13.2 lbs (6 kg)
Acceptable Media Roll Outer Diameter Maximum 5.9 in (150 mm)
Acceptable Media Core Diameter 2 in (50.8 mm)or 3 in (76.2 mm) cores
Printing/cutting width Maximum 18.9 in (480 mm)
Ink Cartridges - Type & Capacity Roland ECO-SOL MAX or FPG Aqueous, 220 ml only
Ink Colors 4 Colors - 5 Cartridges CMMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black) - 2 Magenta
Printing Resolution Max 1440 dpi
Cutting Blade Type Roland CAMM-1 series cutter blade
Cutting Force / Offset 30 to 300gf / Fixed Offset
Connectivity USB 2.0
Power-saving Function Automatic sleep feature
Power Supply AC 100 to 240±10 %, 7.2 A, 50/60 Hz
Dimensions 39.2 (W) x 23 (D) x 11.5 (H) in (995 (W) x 585 (D) x 291 (H) mm)
Weight 77 lbs (35 kg)

What CAN a BN-20 Do?

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