Perfect PreTreat Solution For Printing On Dark Garments.

PTM Pretreatment Machine for DTG Printers

No air compressor required!

The easy purge system allows for quick cleanup and consistent pre-treatment quality – day in and day out. Easier cleanup means better pre-treatment and better prints and more time to spend on the important things in your business. It doesn’t just work with DTG brand printers, virtually any brand of pretreatment will work in the PTM Pretreat Machine. With simple speed control settings you can lay down as little or as much pre-treatment as you like.

Dimensions (inches): 19.685″ w x 29.33″ d x 22.24″ h
Weight: 70 lbs
No need for air compressor
Single spray nozzle
Spray cycle time: 2 seconds (depending on fluid lay down setting
Maximum pretreatment area (inches): 19″ x 15.5″
Adjustable pre-treatment fluid application: .25 – 1.23 oz. for 15.5″ x 19″ (7.1-34.9 grams)
Completely enclosed spray chamber – no misting Tank size: 2 Liters, 2 Bottles

Step 1

Load the t-shirt onto the platen, tucking overhang under the frame. Hand press the t-shirt out so the material is flat is smooth.

Step 2

Push the tray with the platen into the pretreat machine. Press the start button.

Step 3

Once the machine is done spraying the t-shirt with the pretreat solution the platen easily pivots for t-shirt removal.

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