Video Connection | Printing HUGE Wine Bottles

Video Connection | Printing HUGE Wine Bottles

Getting Creative with UV Printing

Direct to Acrylic with Flatbed UV Printers

Wishful thinking! They don’t even MAKE wine bottles that large… .but you can create a very realistic custom acrylic sign with the right flatbed UV Printer and software.

Here are the biggest advantages to creating unique acrylic signs with UV:

  • High value, custom products – if you can be creative like the idea shown here, you can make some serious profits on each piece. 
  • Fast turn around time – once you’ve mastered the software, you can turn around jobs like this in a fraction of the time more traditional methods would take. 
  • Highlights bring IMPACT. Think about reflectivity in window displays and point of sale signage and how that can influence sales. 
  • Pennies per print. The ink usage in jobs like this is ridiculously small! That means profitability. 
  • No dry time, no dry space – that means no need to tie up table space. 

If you’re looking for a unique way to create high-value, custom signs that turn heads and impress customers, UV printing is the way to go. 

With fast turnaround time and impressive results, it’s no wonder this technology is becoming more popular every day. Ready to learn more? Check out our resources to learn more about how UV printers work and get started on your own project today.

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