New High-Volume DTF Printer Now Shipping

image of high power direct to film printerTAMPA, FLORIDA, 3/10/2022 – ColDesi, Inc announces the release of the all new DigitalHeat FX DTF-24H4 high volume direct to film printer.

High volume, automated direct to film printers have an integrated roll-fed film printer and an integrated hot melt applicator and belt dryer. All producing what the company reports as the best quality fabric (t-shirt) transfers on the market.

Following on the success of the record breaking DigitalHeat FX DTF-24H2, which is a 24” direct to film printing powerhouse with 2 print heads, ColDesi has released the 4 head DigitalHeat FX DTF-24H4.

The new DTF printer from ColDesi prints at an astounding 145-155 linear feet of full color film printing per hour, which is equates to between 250 and 350 full shirt front transfers.

But the company is equally proud of the technological advancements made in this latest model.

“Whether you’re running a 1 machine shop, adding transfer production to a high-volume business or replacing expensive direct to garment printers, power requirements are a big deal” said Don Copeland, Digital Product Manager for ColDesi. “We’ve worked with our in-house R&D team (you might know them as BelQuette Technologies) to reduce the requirements for BOTH the printer and the dryer to a single 30AMP, 220v circuit or run 2 systems off a single 50AMP, 220v circuit! Not only does this cut initial setup costs it can save literally hundreds, even thousands of dollars in power costs over the course of a year – especially for multi-printer shops.”

For a full demonstration of the product and capabilities ColDesi has provided the following video: Introducing the DigitalHeat FX DTF-24H4

“The DigitalHeat FX DTF-24H2 2 head machine is rated at between 45 and 55 linear feet per hour production, which is approximately 100 full front transfers per hour, which is more than enough volume for most shops,” commented Mike Angel, head of ColDesi OnDemand software programs. “But the new 4 head is more than 3X as productive which meets virtually ANY demand”.  

Other advances include smoother operation for few touches per print job and a centralized control location to reduce interface time overall.  

Management also said that just like all of ColDesi digital systems the DTF line comes with a self-paced online training program that you can put any and all of your operators through as well as included technical support for as long as you own the machine. Every printer comes to you fully assembled, test printed, calibrated and ready to print – already mounted on the stand. It is simply a matter of installing the print software, rolling the printer and shaker/dryer up to one another, powering up and going through the simple out of box start up instructions and you are printing transfers – typically within 2-3 hours.

Learn more about DTF Printing at: ColDesi DTF – ColDesi

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