Video Connection | How To Get Perfect Embroidery on Leather

Being able to embroider on leather is essential for certain embroidery jobs like motorcycle vests and equestrian accessories. Here we show you how to embroider a leather motorcycle vest.

These are the kind of jobs that people will pay big money for. But leather is expensive, so it’s important to not mess it up! This could end up costing you money.

The Leather Embroidery Process & Hooping Guide:

– Leather is a stretchy material, so you need to make sure it’s stabilized. Cutaway backing is the best choice for this.

– When hooping, make sure the material is nice and taught inside. Loosen the hoops tension knob slightly, then when the leather is hooped you can tighten it to make it nice and secure.

– Good digitizing is very important for this material because leather can be kind of thin. When puncturing a lot of holes in it, it could easily ruin it. While our design is very detailed and has TONS of stitches, we ensured that our digitized design was not too dense. This order was placed through ColDesi Graphics.

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