Boost Your T-shirt Business with the UniNet iColor 650

The worst feeling when you run your own business is telling a customer “no”.

You work hard to get customers in the door, to pick up the phone and call you or find you online so every single opportunity is important. And that goes TWICE as true if it’s a current, paying customer.

The UniNet iColor 650 from DigitalHeat FX and ColDesi is your built-in YES machine!

When Saying NO Hurts

Screen printer Nos

If you’re a die-hard screen printer you already have heard these scenarios 1,000 times:

Customer A comes in and wants several dozen full color team prints for a quickish turnaround time of 10 days. You move some things around and can make that deadline.

That customer LOVES your work! So they come back in 2 weeks and want 5 more for new team members. And maybe a few hats.

Well, that’s a NO. Because you’ve already reclaimed the screens and would be embarrassed to quote what it would cost to set everything up again for just 5 shirts. It doesn’t make financial sense.

Or Customer B calls you and asks for a few dozen Memorial shirts with a full color photo on it – that’s just not what you do.

Or Customer C wants a weird combination of onesie prints to XXXL.

Think back over the years you’ve been in business – how many Nos did you dish out.

And how many of those customers NEVER CAME BACK? (Because they found a Yes somewhere else)

The UniNet iColor 650 with that DigitalHeat FX package deal is how you can say YES.

Because UniNet iColor 650 is a white toner transfer printer and offers the following key advantages:

Of course, if you want to do a big order of just 1 or 2 colors, screen printing is still king. But the UniNet iColor 650 WILL boost your business!

Embroidery Business Nos and Saying Yes with UniNet iColor 650

New embroidery business owners or side-hustlers are probably the most surprised by their disappointing opportunity to say No.

Commercial embroidery machines like the Avancé 1201C, or even a Chenille machine like this one are a great investment. You get very consistent, profitable business.

But there are a few things that new embroiderers find out in a very short period of time:

And that’s where the easy-to-use DigitalHeat FX UniNet i650 bundle comes in. Because it allows you to make full-color t-shirt transfers AND promotional/gift items.

In fact, a white toner printer is the most common equipment that embroidery machine buyers add to their initial purchase – and their first business expansion add-on too.

Here’s how the UniNet iColor 650 can boost an embroidery business:

When you used to say NO to these opportunities, your i650 will let you say yes.

And if you’re wondering what that can do for your embroidery business.

every custom t-shirt job yes = $10-$12 PROFIT per shirt

 In most cases that means making about 4X more per hour than on that embroidery job!

Adding Yeses to your HTV Business with UniNet iColor 650

The last example here is for you if you’re a Cricut vinyl cutter user, or even have a professional vinyl cutter like the latest Graphtec model.

For those of you not in this business yet, HTV stands for “heat transfer vinyl”. That’s what many crafters and even big businesses use to make custom t-shirts and signs.

But this method shares some of the same downsides as screen printing.

And a few of its own:

In this case our Say YES white toner transfer printer lets you quickly move through larger orders, in full color, with no weeding.

Boosting your Business with the UniNet iColor 650

Any of our DigitalHeat FX white toner printer models will boost your business. But there ARE a few unique things about the i650 that make it make sense as the right choice.

If you want to learn more about the DigitalHeat FX UniNet iColor 650, how it can boost your business and what makes it stand out from the rest just chat below!