Video Connection | How Much Money Can You Make With DTF Printing?

How much money can you make with the new, compact direct-to-film printer, the DTF-12H2? We did an ROI study to let you see the potential.

For this study we are using a full color image of a Maine Coon Cat with an Attitude. The image is 9.26” wide by 13.8” tall. Our example bases off 100 shirts – Gildan Ultra Cotton – printed and pressed.

Total Job Costs | Print Materials & Blanks

$68.50 (100 transfers) + $2.17 (film advance file) = $70.67 Total Transfer Costs

$3.00 (Gildan Tee) + 100 = $300 for 100 Blank Gildan Tees

$300 (blanks) + $70.67 (transfers) = $370.67* total cost to produce a 100-shirt order. (*plus, labor costs)

Based on our online research, the retail value for full color for digital or 8 color screen printed shirts is about $15 per shirt.

So, if you sold this 100 shirt order for $1,500, that would leave you with a profit of $1,129.33.

$1,500 (retail value) – $370.67 (cost) = $1,129.33 net profit

What does my Return on Investment look like?

With a monthly lease payment around $340 a month, it is feasible to make your monthly lease payment on the DTF 12H2 in under 2 hours of work!

Another way to look at it is that you can conservatively make nearly $86,750 per year by running one such job per week for 52 weeks!

Now that is what I call solid ROI!

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