Quick Comparison BN-20 vs BN-20A

The Roland BN-20 has been a staple of the custom t-shirt business, promotional products, and sign business for almost a decade. And it’s still the best print-cut machine on the market for investment.

But BN-20 owners have been asking for 1 thing – that it be FASTER!

And that’s why the BN-20a was born with a high-speed unidirectional or bidirectional printing mode. Which takes the speed from 6.6 sq ft/hour printing to an incredibly fast 22.6 sq ft/hour printing!

The other big change with the BN-20a is that this is a CMYK-only printer. You’ll get all the colors you would expect on a full-color inkjet printing system, but unlike the BN-20 there’s no white ink or silver/metallic ink option available.

That change in inks was because neither of those was used very often by Roland customers, and they increased the need for maintenance on the printers.

So the BN-20a is less expensive, easier to maintain, AND faster than the BN-20.

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