BIG Embroidery Success

Name: James & Sheena Leach

Company:  Grand Media, LLC.

Address: Grovetown, Georgia


Phone: 404-403-7971


We reached out to Quinton at Grand Media because we just had to! There is no way to ignore what this company is creating with their Avance 1501C, White toner transfer printer and Sawgrass Sublimation printer. 

Beautiful work! And a great example for those of you wondering what’s next. 

Tell us a little about who you are and what you do:

We are “Grand Media”, a business located on the outskirts of Augusta, Georgia. We offer a variety of media services.

As a married couple, we decided to combine our talents to create the company, adding value to any single person, small business, non-profit organization, or corporate company who needs custom branding, professional imaging, or other customized apparel to suit their needs.

We consider our company the “Go-To Company”. Our slogan is simply: Quality Services.

What was your biggest hurdle in getting started?

Time & Money.

When we first started, James was working 12-hour shifts at a local plant, as an Area Yard Manager, and Sheena had recently retired from the military.

We were both apart of local non-profit organizations who would use outside vendor services to purchase shirts for local events, digital flyers to promote events, and other items, such as plaques and trophies.

We started small with a vinyl cutter and started creating T-Shirts. The demand for our services were instant. We slowly started adding more items and services to what we offered and grew from there.

Making investments back into the company became a struggle, as we were going through the same struggles as most families: Paying bills and debts. Once we saved a healthy amount, we had differences on how to invest it back into the company, but we came to a healthy mutual agreement.

Five years later, and there are still hurdles, but as a business owner, you can never be too content or comfortable.

What Equipment do you have?

What did you get from ColDesi and why?

Our first purchase from ColDesi was the Avance 1501C Embroidery machine.

We wanted to get into embroidery, so we started doing our homework. We called a few companies and asked a multitude of questions to find the right fit. Once Sheena spoke with Ona Schmidt, from ColDesi, we knew we had found the perfect fit for our company.

We later purchased the Hotronix Fusion Heat Press. We continue to purchase needed materials from ColDesi, such as backings, bobbins, papers, threads, ink, etc.

We also are advocates for ColDesi’s training videos. They are very helpful and useful.

How do you set your pricing?

Because we are a company geared towards “customization”, each customer is unique in their own way. We have standard pricing options, but each client is unique in what they want. Each customer is priced based on the workload and specifications of each order.

We do have some standard base pricing for certain items:

What products do you sell that other businesses might need?

Other businesses can contact us for anything. With the products and services that we provide, we can assist businesses with all of their marketing and media needs:

This is why we are the Go-To Company, GRAND MEDIA!

What’s next for your company?

There are 2 types of people in the world.

1) The person who believes in “speaking it into existence”.

2) The person who believes in “will show you better than can tell you”.

Somewhere in there is the answer!

What Advice would you give someone just starting out?

James: You’re already 1 step ahead. That’s awesome. Keep going!

Sheena: Keep going, there will be days where you want to stop. Don’t!