ColDesi Implements Barcode Scanning Technology for Digital Printers

TAMPA, FLORIDA, 04/07/2020 –  ColDesi, Inc., is implementing barcode scanning technology as a software add on for all of their digital printers.

That includes their M2 and new G4 direct to garment printers, the Compress line of flatbed LED UV printers and the DigitalHeat FX white toner printer systems.

Digital Product Manager, Don Copeland said, “If you are running multiple digital printers you can have one graphics person preparing all of your output and let the machine operators simply point, shoot, load, print, and repeat. There’s no reason for the person actually operating the printer to know how to use the RIP software, or have access to it.” 

The company says that the barcode scanner improves workflow and has the ability to cut labor costs for digital printing business owners.

Director of Marketing, Mark Stephenson said, “Not only do you not have to have a software instensive skill set to actually print the shirts, you get to limit the access to the computer systems themselves. That can lead to less investment in software and especially in computer hardware.”

In an online article, ColDesi explains that the bar code scanner can be implemented in a printing workflow in a couple of different ways. One of which is by having a printed catalog at each workstation containing pre-created designs that can now be produced on-demand instead of keeping a heavy inventory of preprinted shirts. 

“More efficient operations, lower payroll expense, more specific job descriptions all result in a better, more profitable operation,” Stephenson said. “And that is really what everyone wants.”

Learn more about the barcode scanning techonoloy and watch a short video, here.


More about ColDesi, Inc. 

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