Embroidery Digitizing

Successful Embroidery shop owners all agree – poor digitizing leads to poor results:

We see common problems all the time that are purely a result of bad or cheap digitizing.

What most people don’t realize is that bird nesting, thread and needle breaks often happened because the design you are sewing out has no rhyme or reason. This means your digitized file is not following a logical sewing order and this can cause major problems for your machine.

With hand done embroidery digitizing from ColDesi Graphics you are going to get digitized art files that are done very methodically. Our digitizing experts will make sure that the embroidery will not waist anytime by sewing on top of thread or crossing over the design for no reason. 

Here’s the thing, good digitizing is ultimately going to make and save you money. A design that is digitized professionally is going to save you from headaches that come from common problems that are ultimately the result of bad digitizing. Also, your customers will notice the difference in look AND feel of the embroidery on apparel. For example, a left chest logo embroidered on a polo may seem simple, BUT if the embroidery is too dense it can be uncomfortable to wear.

Example of Bad Embroidery Digitizing

Example of Excellent Embroidery Digitizing

How do you want to represent your embroidery business?

For example, let’s say you are offered a job to do patch logos for the logo fire department. Not only is it crucial to deliver a pristine product to them, if you’ve ever seen a logo like this before, there is often small lettering and important tiny details involved. No customer is going to be happy if their brand identity and logo is distorted because the digitized version doesn’t clearly sew out those tiny details.

When people spend money on embroidery, especially in the corporate world, they are looking for the most professional customization option out there. If you are delivery work that looks sloppy because of poor digitizing, your competition is going to win every single time.

Why ColDesi Graphics?

Not everyone who purchases an Avancé Embroidery Machine is a graphic artist, or even knows what makes good art to run properly on our equipment. Even if you are a great graphic artist, it doesn’t make you a great digitizer. Just like how you might be amazing at creating digital art, but you aren’t a good painter. ColDesi Graphics is a service designed to help you succeed. Get great digitizing art created for you, so you can concentrate on what makes you money – production.

You’ll find our team will do a great job for your embroidery digitizing. Expert level artists like the ones we hire specialize in digitizing that looks great on small letters and sews out brilliantly on hats and caps.

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