How your T-Shirt Business can generate a great return on investment

Starting a t-shirt business is easy and affordable. You can get started with just a few upfront payments if you have good credit.  And it can be especially good if your target market is people local to where you live or work!

A great way for entrepreneurs of any kind looking into starting their own thing would be by investing in some custom apparel equipment that will help them stand out from the competition while also providing valuable content about what it’s all about– branding yourself through creative expression rather than costly marketing campaigns alone ̶ brings us one step closer toward achieving our goals when we’re ready to break free

T-Shirt Business Networking & Sponsorships

You will certainly maximize your ROI by focusing on t-shirt design, printing, and fulfillment.  One of the ways you could do this is by working with a clothing retailer that already has the channels set up to get your t-shirts out to stores.  Another is you can do business networking with local businesses and sponsorships.

To be successful, you’ll need to target your business and market it well.  You can’t just have a big party for no one will cover the costs-you’ll need someone who is interested in what products or services are offered by yours! Be sure not only do they know about all of these great benefits but also how much their purchase means too; making this person’s experience worthwhile from start until finish

A lot goes into running any kind of event smoothly including attracting guests (and potential buyers)with relevant interests that match theirs so there isn’t room left to feel frustrated when things don

A great resource for learning more about starting your t-shirt business is the Custom Apparel Startups group on Facebook.  They have some great resources for helping you sharpen your skills.

Social Marketing your T-Shirt Business

An easy win is to focus on promoting your products with some social content marketing.  The best part of the content marketing strategy is that it can be applied to a wide range of niches and industries.  It can be used to promote small business startups, or it can be used as part of a larger marketing strategy for a leading business in the industry.

With social media marketing, it’s important to know how each platform works in order for you to run a successful campaign. You need the right tools at your disposal and adeptness in handling brands if want them to succeed!

Here are some examples of social media platforms you can use to expand your small t-shirt business:

All these platforms can be used to develop your own network of loyal fans and business partners.

Using a DTG Printer for Your T-Shirt Business

T-Shirt printers that use direct to garment printing technology are getting more popular for the ease of use, the low cost of entry, and the ability to create full color artwork.  Keeping in mind that most DTG printing has higher resolution than traditional screen printing.

The key to success when using a DTG printer for your t-shirt business is to find one that suits your needs and has the highest resolution so you can print small details. 

The New G4 comes highly recommended and brings features to your business that will help drive your Return on investment.

The first part of printing a t-shirt is “hooping” the shirt. This is the process of putting a shirt onto a platen so it can slide into the DTG printer and receive the ink. That shirt has to be kept absolutely still.

The OLD way to do that would either to “tuck” the shirt into rubber gaskets or lay it onto a sticky surface and put a ring on the top to hold it place. Both are time consuming and frankly, skills you have to learn over time. Because if you don’t do it right it’s hard to tell until AFTER THE SHIRT IS PRINTED.

The Vacuum platen is so easy in comparison!

You simply drape the shirt over the platen. A strong vacuum holds in place.

It takes about 5 seconds to “hoop” it. And anyone can do it right!

Using Vinyl for Your T-Shirt Business

Vinyl can be used for all kinds of things including for decoration and graphics on clothing or home goods.  It is another way to be creative.  You will want to consider purchasing a Vinyl Cutter that is at least 24 inches if you are going to use it to make t-shirts.  A good recommendation we have here is the Cut n Press Pro Kit 24in with the Maxx20 Heat Press.

This Cut n Press system was designed for someone who is looking to start their own t shirt business but is not interested in investing in messy systems or heavy equipment. Both machines can be carried in a car or SUV to an event for on-site profits.

This system is compact, yet powerful. It includes a commercial grade cutter so you can produce shirts all day with fast and consistent results. It also includes a compact, heavy duty heat press that will keep up with your orders. You cannot go wrong with this truly commercial grade custom t shirt system!

By putting some good effort into marketing and networking your t-shirt business you’ll maximize your return on your investment.  And then, by investing in recommended products that are backed up by a terrific support team, soon enough you’ll be able to ditch that day job.