High Volume Direct-to-Film or Uber Convenient White Toner

What's your best option?

There is NOTHING more convenient for a t-shirt printing shop than having a white toner printer on hand. And for many startups, it’s the ideal choice:

  • Lower price point – get started for under $10K
  • No maintenance – toner printers require far less care than liquid inkjet
  • Almost Universal Transfers – you can apply transfers to any fabric – there are some limitations on stretch. 
  • Hard Surface Paper options let you apply transfers to promo products like wood, tiles, mugs, etc
  • EASY to print 1 design, 1 transfer at a time. Perfect for small quantity orders.

But – High volume DTF Printing [direct-to-film] has some real advantages as well:

  • Print hundreds of transfers per hour
  • Very soft hand
  • Surprisingly stretchable! Okay for your most demanding fabrics
  • Pennies per print vs dollars for white toner
  • Washes like screen print transfers and feels even BETTER over time.
  • :15 second press time – TOTAL

The more we compare high volume DTF to other technologies the more see that a combination of products is best for MOST busy shops. 

Using the commercial direct to film print compared here for some applications and filling in the blanks with something like a white toner printer is a strategy worth considering. 

You can learn more about each technology and their differences below:

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