Custom Tee Sales Podcast Released #59

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Custom Tee Sales Podcast Released #59

Aug 25, 2017 | News

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The CAS Podcast website helps business owners with custom tee sales

TAMPA, FLORIDA – 8/24/2017– The Custom Tee Sales Podcast Episode # 59 was released this week from the ColDesi Group.


ColDesi is best known for the DTG brand direct to garment printers, Avancé Embroidery machines, the Digital Heat FX Custom T-Shirt Transfer Printer and supplies like Triton HTV.


The CAS podcast, which is the brainchild of Marc Vila of Colman and Company and Mark Stephenson of ColDesi, and provides detailed advice on sales, marketing and advertising for the custom apparel marketplace.


In this episode, Mark and Marc will be discussing how to narrow down your market to increase custom tee sales.


Finding YOUR Custom Tee Sales Niche

They will be discussing questions such as


  • Why should you focus on a niche?
  • What are the fears of marketing only a singular niche?
  • How to decide what niche is right for your custom tee sales?


“Determining how to laser focus on your market and avoid the distractions will boost your success,” said Marc Vila.


Specifically, the two discuss the question of how to increase your custom tee sales through better marketing and offer tons of helpful hints.


Mark Stephenson, Director of Marketing for the ColDesi group made the point “As you find a market that is smaller and more precise, then the price of the item your selling goes up.” “And you make more money.” He said.


Having a niche market allows you to focus your time and effort, to get to an expert level of knowledge in your niche and allows your custom tee sales to match your passions.


An example Marc Vila gave had to do with making shirts for Dancers. Rather than trying to target “Dancers” or even “American Female Dancers” Marc says how you can start with any subject and build a triangle of interest from the top down.


You can use this approach to targeting your custom tee sales efforts more accurately.

• Humans
• Americans
• American Females
• Young Adult American Females
• Young adult American Females into Dancing
• Young Adult American Females interested in Ballet Dancing
• Young Adult American Females interested in Ballet Dancing in Pinellas County FL


As you get towards the bottom of the triangle, the audience becomes more narrow and easier to target for specific custom tee sales.


You can subscribe to the CAS podcast on their website at and follow this specific episode entitled “How to Make More Money in Custom Tee Sales.”


About ColDesi, Inc.

Providing a full line of custom apparel creation equipment ColDesi, Inc. recently joined forces with Pantograms and Digital HeatFX and now have a combined 62 years in business. They have helped more than 20,000 clients begin their dreams of expanding or starting their own custom tee sales business.


The ColDesi group is a family-owned group of companies with over 60 employees, and offices in Tampa and New Jersey. To learn more about ColDesi, or UV printing, call 877-793-3278 or visit them on the web at


Media Contact:
Thomas Rumbaugh
ColDesi, Inc.

SOURCE: ColDesi, Inc.



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