DG Connect: The Tool for Improving Your Business 

Roland DG Connect

One tool that Roland has developed alongside its lines of high-end print and cut machines is DG Connect. It’s a mobile app that can connect directly with Roland Print and Cut machines, like the VersaStudio BN2-20 & BN2-20A, as well as the TrueVIS SG3-300 and SG3-540 -as offered by ColDesi.

Quickly Visualize Detailed Information

Roland DG Connect is a cloud-based app that assists users in creating a more productive and efficient print operational environments with Roland DG devices, by supplying tools to improve workflow, visualize analytics, and optimize profitability.

This mobile app makes it simple for businesses to access support documents and updates, remotely track machine status or usage, and download media output profiles.

With the information that DG Connect provides, a business can track things like the ongoing progress of a print job, note the amount of ink and material used, get a detailed look at the return on investment (ROI), and receive notifications about the maintenance needs of the printer. This makes DG Connect an essential companion to any print-and-cut business.

Monitor Your Business from Anywhere

The most important feature that DG Connect can provide is the ability to monitor the printer anywhere. This includes vital information like the current printing progress, the exact ink and media usage per job, current print speeds, and up-to-date progress notifications.

Having this vital information available can help identify the amount of time and product that a printing job will take. This gives the business owner the insight they need to plan out the number of orders they can achieve in one production cycle. Understanding the workload of each print job can help with tracking and maintaining inventory levels of ink and media as well.

Track Your Return on Investment (ROI)

DG Connect also contains other tools that can help maximize the returns with a Roland printer. One of these tools is a built-in return on investment (ROI) calculator.

Using the intended retail price for an item and the total number of designs printed, DG Connect can help generate the overall ROI. This is a great tool for planning and maximizing profits.

Live Maintenance Notifications

With all the data that DG Connect receives from the printer, it is also a great tool to help maintain and extend the overall health and life of the printer. There are several maintenance tools within DG Connect including the ability to run a Health Check for the printer

The Health Check goes over important details such as monitoring printheads to see when manual cleaning is required, the length of lifespan left on the wipers, and the levels of liquid waste. Beyond the Health Check, DG Connect will notify the owner of routine maintenance needs, reducing downtime from any surprise issues that can come from missing important cleanings.

Expanded Operational Capabilities

For any business with a Roland Printer, DG Connect is a valuable tool that can help to enhance prints, increase profits, and maintain the overall health of the printer.

With the ability to monitor the printer from any location, calculate costs, offer a detailed ROI, and be a reminder when important maintenance actions are needed.  It gives business owners the power to manage their machine, right from the palm of their hand.

For more information about Roland’s BN2 Series line of printer/cutters.

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