Evaluating Return On Investment | Roland BN2 Versus BN

Evaluating Return on Investment for the Roland VersaSTUDIO BN2 Versus BN

The Roland line of printers are famous for making businesses money and having fast return on your investment. The Roland BN-20 vs the BN  is what people are wanting to see.

The Roland BN20 is well-known as a profit powerhouse, and the all new BN2 series added to that.

With innovative technologies being introduced into the market, the improvements that come with any advancement can be hard to visualize without seeing the printer in action.  Evaluating the ROI of the BN2 series compared to the BN Series helps highlight the path to greater profits and faster ROI.

T-Shirt Customization Direct Return On Investment

Let us first examine the potential return on investment with T-shirts. A good example of return on investment with both the Roland BN2 series and the Roland BN series is through t-shirt transfers.

The numbers below are estimates based on averages only and will vary with each job and use.

Machine BN2 Series BN Series
Blank Item Cost $3.00 $3.00
Material + Ink Cost $0.78 $0.78
Graphic Size 6" x 6" 6" x 6"
Retail Price $15.00 $15.00
Profit per Shirt $11.22 $11.22
Transfer Prints per Hour 90 30
Profit $1,010 $337

With the same job laid out on both printers, the BN2 series can produce about 3x the amount of t-shirt transfers per hour. The obvious takeaway from this data is how much more money you can be making in the same amount of time with the BN2 and VersaSTUDIO.

The next step with printing t-shirt transfers is heat-pressing the transfers to a shirt. A 90-shirt order may have another few hours of pressing, folding packing. In a morning’s worth of work, you can make 3x the profit per hour with a BN2 series printer.

Customized Decals Direct Return on Investment

The next most popular item printed with the VersaSTUDIO are decals/stickers. Let us go ahead and compare the return on investment and profits-per-hour for decal printing.

The numbers below are estimates based on averages only and will vary with each job and use.

Machine BN2 Series BN Series
Material + Ink Cost $0.12 $0.12
Graphic Size 4" x 4" 4" x 4"
Retail Price $1.00 $1.00
Pieces per Hour 230 67
Profit per Hour $202.40 $58.96

The data presents remarkably equivalent results to the T-Shirt transfer chart. When laying out the same print job with both printers, the BN2 series creates nearly quadruple the number of decals per hour. 

When thinking of the matchup of the Roland BN-20 vs the BN, we need to highlight why the BN2 series represents a significant leap forward in ROI and Profit. Both printers can handle the same repertoire of jobs, but each time, the Roland BN2 series will create significantly more of that item, without astronomically raising your costs.

Keep in mind, decals are a money-maker for these printers. A great benefit of decal printing is they go right from your printer to the customer, no heat press step needed. Either way you can operate making hundreds of dollars per hour.

Roland DG Connect

One of the benefits of the BN2 Series is the ability to use the optional DG Connect app. You can quickly generate a potential ROI, as well as cost-per-print directly sourced from ink and material usage on your printer.

This mobile monitoring tool can highlight a plethora of useful information about your BN2 series printer making it easier than ever before to plan out your success.  And to compare the Roland BN-20 vs anything else you may be looking at.

The bottom line is that the BN2 series printers were created to offer the highest quality prints and an impressive ROI for you and the future of your business.

For more information about Roland’s BN2 Series line of printer/cutters.

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