Four Reasons You Need a UV Printer

When it comes to the custom promotional items market, UV printing is a standout player in the field. No other form of printing can create long-lasting prints on a wide variety of items with such a quick turnaround time. With a UV printer, your business opportunities can expand in so many ways, whether it’s corrugated plastic signs, custom phone cases, or even wine bottles! Here are 4 reasons why you need to add a UV printer to your business!

#1 - Print on Almost Anything

One of the most exciting reasons to own a UV printer comes from the variety of items you can print on. You can print on almost anything! This allows you to confidently add a wide variety of products to your business. Some of the products we’ve decorated with UV printing include custom laptop decals, wooden signs, poker chips, doormats, and wine bottles. We’ve even done more niche items like mailboxes and model trains. With a UV printer, there is rarely a project that you cannot tackle.

#2 - Gang printing | Print Multiple Designs At The Same Time

Along with the large variety of items you can print on, another pro of UV printers is the ability to gang print. Gang Printing means that you can set up multiple designs to be printed in one pass. With Gang Printing, you can confidently tackle multiple projects at a time with your UV printer while cutting out the setup process that each individual print could bring. This gives you the freedom to take bigger orders knowing that you can produce great designs in a timely fashion.

#3 - No Dry Time

Another benefit to owning a UV printer is that there is no dry time for your prints. As opposed to printing methods like DTG, UV ink cures with light. So as your design is being printed, the inks are being cured as well. This is another excellent example of the time you can save with a UV printer.  With no dry time, you can assure your customers of an extremely quick turnaround time from the products you’ve UV printed.

#4 - High Quality Prints | Textured, Glossy & Braille

Finally, the best part of UV printing is the quality of the images. The UV ink cures on top of the surface as it’s being printed, which keeps the image crisp and allows for more vibrant colors. The results are incredible, whether you’re looking for a glossy finish or a textured feel.  The prints also have greater sustainability, as UV printing is more resistant to things like scratches and scuffing. Because of the textured feel, UV printing even allows you to print Braile!  No matter your goal, UV printing will create a fantastic print for your customer.

With all these reasons in mind, it’s no wonder that UV printing is revolutionizing the custom promotional item world. With a UV printer, you can feel confident knowing that any project you tackle will have an amazing look with an incredible turnaround time.