Four Reasons You Need a Sublimation Printer

When it comes to the field of custom apparel and custom promotional items, it can become a bit overwhelming to decide what your first machine may be. However, there is an easy answer for anyone who wants to start their first business, and that answer is a Sublimation Printer. With Sublimation, you have an affordable avenue to create detailed and vibrant designs, with little to no learning curve for those starting off fresh. Here are 4 reasons why you need to add a sublimation printer to your business.

1. Easy to Use

The first reason why sublimation printers are such a great choice is their ease of use. Compared to other printing methods, sublimation requires very little setup time. Most of the decorating methods involved are as simple as printing out a design from your sublimation printer and immediately pressing on to your desired item. With such an easy learning curve, you’ll be creating unique designs in no time flat with your sublimation printer.

2. Affordable | Low Startup Costs

The second reason that sublimation is a great way to start your business is because it’s incredibly affordable. One thing that can deter people from taking the jump into their own business is the cost of entry. With the financing options available at ColDesi, you can start a sublimation business for as low as 50 dollars a month. With the low monthly fee, along with the variety of items that you can decorate with sublimation, you’ll be working towards paying off the machine and profiting in no time.

3. Vibrant, High-Quality Prints

The third reason to own a sublimation printer is the vibrancy and detail of your sublimation designs.  With the sublimation process, you are transferring the ink onto the material itself, rather than a layer of heat-transfer paper. This allows for prints that are not only colorful but also long-lasting. Thanks to the chemical dying process, you don’t have to worry about cracking or peeling like other custom design methods. That means sublimation printing is an easy and affordable way to create incredible quality designs.

4. Versatility

Finally, the last reason to own a sublimation printer is the variety of items you can print on.  When you start a business with a sublimation printer, that doesn’t limit you to just apparel. With sublimation, along with apparel, you can print on things ranging from mugs, picture frames, puzzle pieces, serving trays, or many other sublimation blank opportunities. With the ease of use of sublimation printers, you can confidently start your business able to take on and offer a variety of unique items. Sublimation can be a versatile business practice, even when you’re just starting out.

With all these reasons, it’s no wonder why Sublimation Printers like the Sawgrass SG1000 are great tools to start your new business. With Sublimation, you can confidently open your new business knowing that you have an affordable business with a ton of versatility, along with a fantastic, finished product.

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