ColDesi Announces Braille Printing Capabilities for XpertJet 461 & 661UF

image of uv printing of braille

TAMPA, FLORIDA, 06/15/2020 – ColDesi unveils new braille printing module that is available with their renowned UV Printing RIP software.


ColDesi has partnered with the highly recognized and respected manufacturer, Mutoh, to offer the braille printing capabilities for the new XpertJet 461UF and 661UF.


“The partnership with Mutoh has been great and only stands to get better,” said Don Copeland, Digital Products Manager for ColDesi. “And these 2 new printers just take things to the next level both from a technical and usability standpoint. We anticipate continued deepening of our relationship with Mutoh America – to the benefit of Mutoh, ColDesi and most importantly our customers.”


ColDesi reports that this advancement is a great opportunity for their customers to expand their business.


The Braille Module for the Compress Designer and RIP software controls braille translation, positioning and sizing.


Currently, braille signs are made in several ways including laser and rotary engraving, photopolymer, cast metal, raster braille (spheres/beads inserted into drilled holes). All of which take a lot of time and some of which are not “custom signage” friendly or cost effective.


“With a UV-LED printer you can quickly start producing custom braille signs in house to open a whole new income stream – often times selling to existing customers who already need to add compliant signage to their buildings.” Mark Stephenson, Director of Marketing for ColDesi indicated.


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