ColDesi Announces Addition of the Mutoh XpertJet 461UF & 661UF to the Compress UV Brand Line Up

image of the xpert jet 461uf UV printer

TAMPA, FLORIDA, 06/03/2020 –ColDesi is excited to welcome two new compact options to their line of Compress UV flatbed printers. 

ColDesi has partnered with the highly recognized and respected manufacturer, Mutoh, to offer the new XpertJet 461UF and 661UF to their customers.

Both UV Printers boast the following features:

* Print depth of up to 5.91”

*Large printable area

  • 661UF is 19” X 23.3”
  • 461UF is 19” X 13”

*Digital touch control panel

*New purpose built Epson print head

*Prints CMYK , White and Varnish

*Textured printing

*Braille printing capabilities

*Includes ColDesi’s RIP Software Applications

“The partnership with Mutoh has been great and only stands to get better,” said Don Copeland, Digital Products Manager for ColDesi. “And these 2 new printers just take things to the next level both from a technical and usability standpoint. We anticipate continued deepening of our relationship with Mutoh America – to the benefit of Mutoh, ColDesi, and most importantly our customers.”

The XpertJet 461UF has a depth of 2.75” with the included bed or with the optional vacuum bed; however, the included bed can be removed for extra printing depth (up to 5.91”). Natively, the XpertJet 661UF has a depth of 5.91” including the vacuum bed.

The other big addition to the XpertJet line is the “local dimming control technology”. This breakthrough allows you to print glossy and matte finishes in just one pass, cutting down print time. 

ColDesi reports the new XpertJet UV Printers fit the needs of their customers who do not require the depth and size of the Compress iUV600s and iUV1200s. . 

“It’s something customers have asked for” Mark Stephenson, Director of Marketing for ColDesi indicated. “The ability to print finished products like boxes, travel cups, pre-assembled items, and to mark parts for manufacturing applications – in smaller, more economical package than our Compress iUV printers”

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