Introducing the Enhanced Avance 1501C – A Commercial Embroidery Machine Designed to Improve Cap Embroidery 

Welcome to the future of embroidery with the enhanced Avance 1501C. A 15-Needle Commercial Embroidery Machine, tailored to improve cap embroidery enthusiasts like you. The re-engineered 1501C provides superior performance, ensuring quicker more dependable customization of caps.

Key Advantages of the Avance 1501C Upgrades:

In summary, this means you will sew caps faster and easier than ever. The ColDesi Team has tested these upgrades on the most popular hat models and have experienced amazing results.

Is it time to add another embroidery machine to your business? The Avance 1501C is the best in the business!

Embark on a journey to real profitability with our high-speed commercial embroidery machine. Here is why you should get started:
Unlock a New Level of Embroidery Capabilities!

Elevate your cap embroidery with the cutting-edge features of the upgraded Avance 1501C. For more information or to make the move to the future of cap embroidery, contact us today. 

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