Double Your Productivity with DTG M2

The M2 direct to garment printer prints 2 shirts at the same time

2 for 1 t-shirt printing process makes you more profitable

ColDesi’s M2 direct to garment printer has several unique features designed to make you more productive, and more profitable including an intelligent RIP software, white ink printing management system and more. BUT, the most important time saver may just be the ability to print 2 shirts with 2 different designs at the same time.

Most dtg printers on the market today, like the ones from Anajet or Brother or Epson, can print fairly quickly. Several even have RIP software applications that have some unique tools. But none has the ability of the M2, to print 2 jobs at the same time. The closest you can come to this money-making feature is the DTG Viper, which with its multiple platen system allows you to print 2 shirts in a ROW. That’s different than the M2, which actually prints laterally across both shirts at the same time. Not only is this technique faster, but it produces an excellent image as well!

How does printing on 2 t-shirts increase productivity?

It’s a simple question, but the answer can have a big impact on your bottom line. Here are just a few scenarios showing how dual shirt printing could make a difference:

Selling Variable Sizes

One of the strong suits of DTG vs. screen printing is the ability to print different sized images on different sized shirts. A 6″x10″ design on a small women’s shirt looks completely different than on an XL, and the only way you can print those size differences with screen printing is by creating 2+ different screens. With the M2, all  you have to do is load up 2 different shirt sizes, scale one of your designs up or down, then print both. Your customer will be blown away, especially because they can WATCH you do it! Selling variable sizes makes it easier to justify a more profitable deal for you.

Fast Design Proofs

The M2 makes it twice as easy to offer your customer design or color options. Want to see this in black and blue? How about on dark or light garments? No problem! You can charge for samples, or just offer your customer this preview as part of your service. It’s something no screen printer would EVER do.

Time Savings

Printing with the M2 on multiple platens, whether it’s the same design or several different ones, is just faster. It’s faster because you can actually set your job up once, then print 2 shirts as opposed to setting up a job, print a shirt, set up the next job, print a shirt. That time you save can be used answering the phones, designing your next big seller or making sales calls.


With the DTG M2 direct to garment printer you not only get a great quality print, but you can get them 2 at a time! Learn more at


If you are just starting out in DTG, here’s a very basic article on Wikipedia.