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Meet the new high volume DTF Transfer Printer from ColDesi.

The DigitalHeat FX 24H2




Some of the biggest brands in the world offering customized products and personalized goods.  And you can too, with our help!

Huge companies like Vera Bradley, TaylorMade, Volcom, Roller Rabbit – as well as your local custom t-shirt, sign, and awards shops are all working with ColDesi.  They want to grow their business with whatever they need.  Without limits.

A Growth Partnership

THIS is your opportunity to start, grow, or LAUNCH your business.  We will help you expand into new markets and meet your challenges.

Our customers are some of the biggest, some of the smallest, and the most successful in the custom products industry.

So, grab your opportunity now– talk to a PRO in the customization business. 

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ColDesi process

How It Works

Take these simple steps to match your dream to the right tools:

Step 1 — What do you want to do?

You have a clear picture of what you want your business to look like, we'll help you find the RIGHT tools to make that a reality. This step is less about how to do it, and more about what you want. The ColDesi team is there to help you figure out how to do it!

Step 2 — Act on your dream.

Once we help you pick the right hardware and software we'll work with you on pricing and financing options. You commit yourself to get started - we're going to help every way we can.

Step 3 — Follow through.

This is where you'll really notice the difference in partnering with ColDesi. Everything we do next revolves around you. Getting you set up. Your Training. Your Support. Your questions answered for a FAST START to achieving your dream.

Professional Team

You get all the information you need from people that know more about more things in customization than anyone.

Marketing Advice

Of COURSE you get trained on the equipment - but business don't fail because they can't figure out how to work a machine. It's because they don't know how to make the phone ring. We'll show you how.

Latest Technology

Up to date choices - that's what you want to make the best decision on technology. We'll tell you what's now, and what's next.

Why choose us

What we do.

Talking to us IS different. It’s like getting advice from a friend in the business.
From someone that doesn’t have a vested interest in shoehorning you into the ONE system they offer.
Because ColDesi has so many different options to choose from. Because…

Our Brands

We Help you choose the right

Equipment & Service


Ideal for retail stores, big production centers, small shops and home-based t-shirt businesses. Digital HeatFX System has 3 size options to help match the production needs of any business.

Direct To Garment Printers

Our high-volume, industrial direct to garment printer for creating direct print t-shirts, and other custom products. One of the longest running dtg printer brands in the industry.

Commercial Embroidery Machines

High-Quality Industrial Embroidery Machines. Top features with the best support in the industry. The brand represents cutting-edge technology and reliability.

UV LED Printers

High-Quality Small to Medium Format UV LED printer for printing thousands of unique items. UV inks include the ability to flash cure the ink allowing for immediate handling with less mess and fast speeds.

Your Supply Resource

Colman and Company, Inc. is a wholesaler and retailer of equipment and supplied for the custom apparel industry. The company enjoys terrific reviews and error rates below 1%.

F2100 Direct to garment Printers

The F2100 a fast and very easy to use Epson DTG Printer. Both PC and Mac compatible it promises low maintenance, reliability and proven DTG printing technology.

UV LED Printers

The Mutoh XpertJet line of small format UV printers is the perfect compliment to our Compress line up. Professional systems from a great manufacturer with both a smaller footprint and smaller price tag than Compress.

Bling Machines

Main ColDesi Location for Everything Bling. Automatic Rhinestone Transfer Equipment, Links to Supplies, ProSpangle Spangle Transfer Machine, and the affordable Spangle Elite Transfer System.

Sublimation Printers

Sublimation still remains one of the most popular methods to customize tons of blanks. Low cost of entry and simple application method means that even the most novice of users can learn quickly. The steps are simple: print sublimation transfers and apply to sublimation blanks with a heat press.


Stickers to T-Shirts the Roland Versastudio is the choice for many start up businesses looking for versatility in an affordable package. The same art can print a sticker, then a t-shirt transfer, then a beer bottle label, then a car window decal, then a removable window cling sign and finally a sign/banner.

Graphics & digitzing Service

After seeing our customers struggle with digitizing and design issues we decided to step in and offer premium services.

Now you can get ColDesi quality embroidery digitizing, grahics for print, tshirts and even logo creation.​

Wholesale blanks

Over 60,000 blanks in various sizes, colors and styles featuring: T-Shirts, Mugs, Mouse Pads, Signs, Hats, Sun Protection Apparel by Vapor, Sublimation Blanks and so much more. Our team is constantly curating an expansive assortment of blanks to help your business succeed.

Podcast & courses

Starting (and growing) your customization business is an amazing journey. Custom Apparel Startups is here to help you succeed and achieve your dreams. Over 150 episodes of the CAS Podcast, Courses and helpful articles are online for you to access any time. Join the CAS Facebook Group and interact with the largest community of customization business owners and professionals.

Equipment Training

Comprehensive Online, In-Person, and Self-Paced Training Site (depending on purchase). Expert level instruction and ease of use with lessons developed by a certified instructional designer.


Top-Ranked Technical Support Site for all ColDesi Brands. The ColDesi support team enjoys a Shopper Approved rating of 4.94 Stars with thousands of reviews reporting.

Their First Creations

See what our customers are creating…

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Video Connection | DTF vs Heat Transfer Vinyl

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Video Connection | DTF vs Sublimation

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