Your Ticket to the fastest trip possible – from buying your new equipment to a successful business…we call it OnBoarding. 

That onboarding pass you got with your new equipment says a lot. It says a lot about what’s going to happen next, but it also says a lot about YOU 

So first, we’d like to say thank you again and recognize what it takes to take the leap. Whether that leap is a brand-new side hustle business, an expansion of your current shop, or the birth of your new career, you deserve to be recognized. Most people never make that leap – congratulations! 

Welcome to Onboarding

We've found that the more our customers engage with us, the more successful they'll be. In order to make sure you’re getting everything you need to be successful from us, you’ve been assigned your own CCR or Customer Care Representative. 

They’re going to take you through the onboarding process, that’s designed to: 

Do this next…

Pick up the phone and call us at 877-793-3278 and ask for your CCR or, if you’ve already gotten a phone call from us – call your CCR back!  

They’re going to walk you through everything to get you started in the right direction. 

Then – spend some time exploring the services you’ll see listed on this page. There are some freebies for you and links to some information that will help your business succeed and grow.  

Lastly – learn to lean on us as your business grows. Watch for new content, listen to the podcast, make sure you check your training course(s) for updates, and after you’re done with training, use to get technical help when you need it.  

Important Links:

Wholesale Blanks

Yes, you can buy wholesale apparel and hard goods even without a business or reseller license. Just visit this link on Colman and Company

Get access to tested and proven blanks like t-shirts, hats, polos, mugs, tumblers and so much more.


The ColDesi team has done all the testing, searching and research to find the best supplies for your new equipment. Not all paper, thread or ink is the same. There have been thousands of hours of testing and research that has built the list of supplies available for your equipment.

Get all of your supplies for your equipment here: Colman and Company

Graphic Art & Digitizing

Need help with graphics? Short on time to create graphics? Don't know how to digitize? Get professional graphics and digitizing done at ColDesi Graphics

Business Advice

Where can you find over 150 HOURS of advice and ideas about the customization business? Visit the CASPodcast and get inspired!


Visit our Learn Page page for access to articles and helpful videos for inspiration, tips and ideas.

Check it out and bookmark it for future visits. New articles go up all the time.

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