Video Connection | High Volume DTF Comparison

Direct to Film Printing at Volume | Options

Is a 2 head or 4 head printer right for you?

The number of print heads in a commercial direct to film printer makes a big difference in how fast it can print.

But more heads and a faster print speed also mean a bigger printer AND a longer dryer. 

So in this video you’ll learn the differences in size and speed between 2 popular models of high volume 24″ direct to film printers. 

AND why you might might choose one over the other. 

Common Questions:

  • What’s the difference in output speed?
  • Are the transfers exactly the same? Same supplies, ink, etc?
  • What’s the size and set up difference on a practical basis?
  • Will the additional speed make a difference to your business?

There are a lot of things that go into making a good decision about what size direct to film printer will be best for your shop. Like should you be looking into DTF to begin with? 

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