Video Connection: 6 Must Have Heat Press Accessories

We can’t imagine how work without these heat press accessories would be — not only does it reduce failures, but most importantly — it speeds up production. By the end of this video, you’ll know what key items to have if you own a heat press and why making these small investments can make a huge change in your day to day workflow.

1. Heat Press Pads & Pillows: Heat press pads are the perfect accessory to elevate the print area of your design while making sure seams, zippers, and buttons hang off the edge. Heat press pillows are very similar to heat press pads, but unlike pads, teflon pillows allow decorators to get an even surface no matter what garment or substrate you’re printing on.

2. Finishing Sheets: Teflon Sheets are reusable sheets will protect your heat-press and garments from high temperatures when heat pressing. Teflon sheets can also be used to give garments a “glossy” finish. Flexible Finishing Sheets Made up of rubber silicone, it easily conforms to uneven surfaces, making it easy to transfer designs on most awkward areas and gives garments a “matte” look.

3. Interchangeable Platens: Why purchase a new platen if you already have one? Short answer — versatility. The bottom platen that came with your heat press is unique in size. This means you can’t resize it to fit a variety of items.

4. Platen Covers: If you can’t stand the frustration and difficulty of threading apparel on the bottom platen of the heat press… it’s time you buy a platen cover! Once you get a platen cover, you’ll find threading a LOT easier. Twisting, turning, and sliding apparel on and off will be a breeze.

5. Heat tape & Dispenser: An important step in customizing blanks with heat transfers is placement. Having heat tape handy helps to prevent transfers from sliding out of place before being pressed. What you’re looking for is a tight marriage between the transfer paper and the blank.

6. Digital Heat and Temperature Probe: This provides the best surface temperature readings available for your heat presses. Sometimes, heat presses can give off false temperature readings which can ultimately ruin some of your work, putting you behind. Now, using one is very simple. You place the probe on the bottom of the upper platen. Then, the sensor will measure the actual temperature of your heat press and give a fast, accurate reading.

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