UV/DTF – Digital Printing’s Evolution Into Hard Surface Customization

The Current State Of Digital Printing In The Apparel Decorating Industry

Current printing solutions are often limited to a specific customization process creating industry demand for an all-in-one printer with the benefits and abilities of multiple technologies. Customization of hard surfaces, specifically post-manufacturing, presents a challenge of delivering a high- quality digital prints, especially for unique shapes or uneven surfaces. ColDesi, Inc., catalyst in customization technologies solutions, presents a new white paper on the adaptation of an all-in-one printing solution for the apparel decorating industry.

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ColDesi has created an all-in-one printing solution that provides the advantages of both UV and DTF printers without requiring a separate laminating machine. Combining the lamination process directly in-line with the UV Printing process for a complete all-in-one workflow. Providing more durable, more versatile full-color digital prints.