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Back to School Bling

Custom face masks are an ideal product for back to school! And BLING is a great way to make back to school face masks stand out.

Especially with face masks being mandatory in many places, and back-to-school time right around the corner, the face mask market is BOOMING.

And that’s just the back to school custom face masks opportunity. Fashion masks are in high demand with even the biggest brands getting in on the trend.

Urban Outfitters, American Eagle, Forever 21, Nordstrom’s, Lucky and Kenneth Cole all sell fashion face masks online now. (If you’re found this because your shopping for face masks like these, here’s a good article with a long list)

Combine those two markets; back to school and fashion, and you get the particular BLING CUSTOM FACE MASK opportunity we’re looking at here.

Quick Note: Financing on the Spangle Elite is $165 – $200/month. Most of our customers making bling masks are getting about $17.50 profit per mask. So sell 10 masks per MONTH and could be making money already.

The Market for Custom Bling Masks

Sports like cheer and dance have had people purchasing customized bling for a decade. And parents of kids in every grade are looking for some Soccer Mom style bling as well as fashion masks for work.

Many people want a face mask that represents their unique style. Cheer and dance squads need masks to reflect their team spirit. And maybe even one to specifically match their uniforms!

Spangles are perfect for adding bling to masks because rhinestones are relatively heavy pieces of glass – and that can make the mask droop or just be uncomfortable.

Spangles are a flat, shiny, holographic disks that shine and shimmer just like rhinestones! They are lightweight, smooth and breathable… Perfect for comfort!

And remember, even kids, and their parents, that are remote or home-schooled want to retain school spirit. It helps them feel like a part of the class and community even if they can’t be there physically.

So don’t limit your market to JUST on-site cheer and dance; think all kids, parents AND teachers.

Plus…. Bling Face masks are a BIG MONEY MAKER. Blanks are inexpensive and customization is cheap and fast!

Let’s break down some numbers.

Face Masks for Sale

After a quick social media poll on our Custom Apparel Facebook page, our customers are retailing custom bling masks anywhere from $15 to $25.

Canned designs are available on Etsy for about $15.00 BUT these aren’t fully custom. You’re offering school logos, kids names, and customer requested designs – so you should definitely get more per mask.

With this research, it’s easy to see you can get at least $20 each for a completely customized Spangle face mask.

How much does it cost to make a custom face mask with Bling?

Right now on Colman and Company you can find cotton, made in the USA blank masks for as little as $1.85 per mask.

The Spangle Elite is our favorite way to add bling to just about anything. You’ll use the design software that comes with it, called Hotfix Era, to create your design. Then it “prints” out onto a transfer sheet that is about 15” x 12”.

If you haven’t watched the video on this page yet, now’s a good time.

You can fit 6 of these “Cheer” design on one of the Spangle Elite Transfer Sheets and output them all at the same time.

That means each design costs about $0.12 in transfer tape.  

Spangle material comes in cartridges. While the price of each cartridge is pretty consistent at $15.95. The cost of the individual spangles is going to change depending on the size you punch out.

So big spangles cost a little more than smaller ones. Just like rhinestones – but much, much less.

Each Spangle cartridge has enough punches for 23,000 2mm Spangles

This CHEER design contains 639 2mm Spangle punches. So each spangle costs about $.069

639 spangles X $.069 each = $.44

This means this whole design only costs $0.44 in Spangles!

So when you add in the cost of the transfer tape and the cost of the mask, here’s what your totals look like:

Mask $1.85 + Tape $.12 + Spangles $.44 = $2.41

Each of these Spangle design face masks costs you $2.41 to produce.

How much can I make selling Masks?

The Spangle Elite punches these designs out FAST! And they only have to sit under the heat press for a couple seconds. You can comfortably make each face mask in about 6 minutes.

This means you can easily make 10 custom bling face masks an hour.

By retailing each custom face mask at just $20 a piece you generate $200 in revenues every hour you spend making!

Revenues per hour: 10 face masks per hour X $20.00/mask = $200.00

Remember, our cost of the blank face mask + the transfer sheet + Spangles is $2.41.

Materials Costs per Hour: $24.10

10 bling face masks per hour X $2.41/per mask = $24.10.

After subtracting the cost of goods, you can put $175.90 in your pocket for just ONE HOUR OF WORK!

Custom Face Masks Return on Investment

Here’s the fun math on making custom face masks with the Spangle Elite:

With an average financing price of $165 a month, for our Spangle Elite Starter Kit, you can make your monthly payments for just one hour of making custom face masks.

Everything after that is pure profit!

More about the SpangleElite:

Of course, masks are not the only thing you can do with spangle transfers. Read about one customers success in the bling business here

The masks featured on this page are not intended for use by health care professionals and is not intended as a replacement for personal protective equipment. These make no claims of antimicrobial protection, antiviral protection, particulate filtration, or infection prevention or reduction. These products are not FDA cleared or approved. The CDC provides great information about face coverings and their uses. 

The Spangle Elite is truly the best bang for your buck in the bling world. Live chat one of our pros today to get started or call 877-793-3278