ColDesi Inc. Celebrates the Success of KEAP Impressing | New Jersey Custom Bling & Sports Apparel Store

shirt created on the spangle elite, a sample

ColDesi Inc. Celebrates the Success of KEAP Impressing | New Jersey Custom Bling & Sports Apparel Store

Jul 2, 2019 | News

shirt created on the spangle elite, a sample07/01/2019, Tampa, Fl -ColDesi Inc., today is celebrating the success of New Jersey embroidery & custom transfers business KEAP Impressing.  This family-owned business has grown from simple coaches gifts, to the big leagues in no time.


Kimberly Wohlgemuth, the Owner, is a Jersey Girl turned apparel decorator with over five years experience creating custom designs.  Kim and her family recently purchased the Spangle Elite bling transfer system to add extra profits to her business, and the machine has been a huge hit.


K.E.A.P. Impressions (first initials of each family members name), purchased the Spangle Elite machine from ColDesi because Kim “always LOVED bling in sports.” “As a mom of two girls, I always had something sparkly on,” She said.

“It doesn’t matter if it’s a hair scrunchy or a blinged out sweatshirt -I love sparkle, and my motto is: Every girl needs a little sparkle in their day.”


“The Spangle Elite was the perfect machine to bring in big profits for their business,” said Marc Vila, Director of Marketing for Colman and Company (the ColDesi supply arm).  “She’s gone from not offering ANY bling, to becoming the go-to bling artist for several area ball teams and a local school.  All it just FOUR months!” He said.

Each Spangle Elite machine comes ready to do 13″ x 10.25″ designs at up to 900 spangles per minute. (or combine two sheets for a HUGE 13″ x 20.50″ Design)


Typical Package includes:

  • Automatic Spangle Elite Machine – Up to 900 Spangles Per Minute
  • #5 – 70-meter Spangle Tape Cartridges (that’s around 100,000 punches!)
  • 50 Transfer Sheets
  • Hotfix Era Professional Design Software for Spangle Elite
  • Glue Dots
  • 5in Fine Point Tweezers
  • Nomex Heat Pad
  • Webcam with Cable

Colors that come with the kit:

  • Silver (70 meters) – PST-6H-Silver-201-CART
  • Red (70 meters) – PST-6H-Red-204-CART
  • Gold (70 meters) – PST-6H-gold-202-CART
  • Fuchsia (70 meters) – PST-6H-fuchsia-203-CART
  • Royal (70 meters) – PST-6H-royal-205-CART


*** NEW 2019 Model has been released!

  • Improved Motor – Smooth running & quiet. (plugs right into a standard 110v outlet)
  • Upgraded Punching Units – Increased longevity & reliability.
  • Improved Punch Frame Bar – Improves ease of use with transfer paper.


For more information about the Spangle Elite, or if you would like to learn more on how to master printing t-shirts,  you can find them on the web at


Media Contact:

Thomas Rumbaugh

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