ColDesi’s, Inc. Announces Sawgrass Sublimation Printers Now Available for Direct Purchase

TAMPA, FLORIDA, 04/16/2021 – Today, ColDesi announces Sawgrass Sublimation Printers are now available for direct purchase on their supply division website, Colman and Company.

Customers can now conveniently buy the Sawgrass SG500, SG1000, and Virtuoso VJ628, online.

“We have had thousands of people respond to ColDesi’s outreach about custom t-shirt printing equipment, like our DigitalHeat FX white toner printers and G4 Direct to Garment Printer. Sometimes, it’s just too much of an investment” said Mark Stephenson, Director of Marketing for ColDesi, Inc. “But now we’ve teamed up with Sawgrass to offer them a way to get started with quality equipment at an incredibly low price.”

Sawgrass Printers are known for delivering an affordable way for home based or small business startups to jump into the customization market.

They are also a popular expansion option for customization shops looking to increase their offerings.

ColDesi reports this is a perfect ecommerce purchase because Sawgrass provides free one-on-one training that you schedule directly on their website after the purchase.

Sublimation customers can also conveniently purchase sublimation supplies, like inks and paper as well as a large selection of blanks directly on Colman and Company.  

The company added that not only are customers getting the ColDesi Advantage of world-class training, support, they are also getting special incentives as part of their highly popular rewards program.

Colman and Company’s reward program, ColDesi+ Rewards, gives customers points every time they shop. These points can be redeemed for a variety of coupons and free items.

ColDesi reports that customers are being offered a value that no one else in the industry can match. “We don’t just want to have customers; we want to have meaningful relationships with business owners,” Director of Marketing for Colman and Company, Marc Vila said. “ColDesi+ Rewards is a way for us to give back to every customer. You don’t have to be a big business to get huge benefits.”

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