Hannah Learns ColDesi

Come with me while I have fun and learn TONS at ColDesi! My name is Hannah and I am the Marketing Assistant here at ColDesi. I am new to the apparel decorating industry just like some of you may be, so I want to take you all on this journey with me.

In this series you can follow along with me as I first explore the in’s and outs of the custom t-shirt and embroidery business. In the first part of this learning journey, I am getting a quick rundown of how our machines work and the amazing things they can do.

Then you get a behind the scenes look at all of our departments; ever wonder how we ship out 5000+ shipments a month? How about how our support works, or training? I’ll even give you a look at our Account Managers in action.

Stay tuned to this playlist to see what aspect of ColDesi I am going to be learning next! 


Avancé 1501c

I absolutely love the way embroidery looks on garments. The Avancé 1501c is a powerful commercial embroidery machine that we sell here at ColDesi.

Some of my friendly co-workers answered some questions that I had about the machine and they explained what customers can expect to get out of it.

Learn more at avance-emb.com


DigitalHeat FX

At ColDesi we offer three different DigitalHeat FX printers to make sure you have the machine that fits YOUR needs. They all show great results but in this video, Todd explains how the i550, 8432 and 9541 are unique.

Then, Stephan is going to help us bring a plain black t-shirt to life with a heat transfer printed by the DigitalHeat FX 8432.

Learn more at digitalheatfx.com


CAMS Rhinestone

Bling Bling! Do you know what the U.S. Women’s Gymnastics Team and the World’s Largest Cheer Wear manufacturers have in common?… The CAMS Rhinestone Machine.

In this video Mark Stephenson is showing off how the CAMS 1V- 6P rhinestone machine works. It is amazing to see how intricate this machine is…. Watch for yourself!

Learn more at coldesi-bling.com



In this video Mark Stephenson talks to me about a unique bling machine that uses SPANGLES. Spangles are super cool and they add bling to garments without the heaviness and stiffness that rhinestones create.

The ProSpangle is GREAT for active wear because it is flexible and smooth. The profits you can get with this machine are awesome – in this video Mark explains how business owners can make money with this machine.

Learn more at coldesi-bling.com



Have you ever seen a small, compact AND super affordable bling machine? Check this one out! The Spangle Elite is PERFECT for people wanting to start out in the apparel decorating industry.

Learn more at coldesi-bling.com


Cut N Press

In this video, Marc Vila shows me how easy the Cut n Press system from ColDesi is to use. By using the Graphtec Cutter and Triton Vinyl you can get super creative and offer customers some really unique apparel.

At first, I was nervous… I thought this process was going to be super tedious and not be worth it… But man – was I wrong. The Graphtec cutter is SO precise and the Triton Vinyl shows great results. Marc helped me decorate some of my new work shirts by layering an opaque and glitter vinyl.

Watch this video for a rundown of how the Cut n Press system works.

Learn more at coldesi-bling.com


Compress UV

What better way to expand your business than by adding a printer that can customize all sorts of products?! The UV Compress Printer at ColDesi can print on phone cases, golf balls, coasters, wooden signs and SO MUCH MORE!

In this video Don shows me what this machine is capable of and he answers a couple of questions I had about textured printing!

Learn more at compressuvprinter.com


Warehouse Operations

Ever wonder how ColDesi works behind the scenes? In this episode of Hannah Learns ColDesi, I visited our warehouse in Clearwater, Florida! Hear from our Director of Operations, Michael, and come explore with me!



What happens once you buy a machine from ColDesi… I’ll show you in this episode of Hannah Learns ColDesi. Our experts are dedicated to your success and they are here to help! Watch now to see the different kinds of training we offer our customers.

Learn more at training.coldesi.com



At ColDesi, support ranges from equipment questions to “how much should I sell my shirts for?” In this episode we are going to get to see the faces behind support calls and we will even get to listen in on a support call!

Learn more at coldesi.support.com