Why Avancé? The Difference Between Pro and Consumer Embroidery Machines

What to look for in a Professional Embroidery Machine.

Many of our customer come into the embroidery BUSINESS after spending year as a home or hobby embroiderer. Often one of the things they struggle with is the actual differences between a hobby machine, like the Brother or Janome line that they see at their local Sewing Center, and a Professional Embroidery Machine like the Avancé.

Perhaps the most important feature, and one that you cannot easily see from the outside, is the commercial or industrial construction of the machine. You’ll notice right away if you try and pick one up because the construction and components of the Avancé are heavy duty! A professional system like the 1501C is made to run all day, every day and in most cases that’s in stark contrast to a consumer machine. And don’t let the price fool you, there are plenty of “prosumer” systems that cost the same or more than a true industrial one. 

The other top differences you may notice are:

  • Needles – professional embroidery machines usually have 15 needles.This separates them from the 6 or 10 needle monogram machines, and there’s an important reason – for a busy embroidery BUSINESS you will have many customers and each of their logos will have a different combination of colors. One of the most time consuming and profit-depleting tasks for an embroider is changing thread colors! So, you’ll typically keep your 6 primary colors, black and white thread on at all times, then populate up to the 15 with the balance of your clients’ favorites.
  • Design Memory – the Avancé, for example, can hold up to 200 designs or 2 MILLION stitches in its on board memory, other manufacturers may have as little as zero. 
  • Sewing Field – this is an especially important feature that some of the consumer models, like the Brother EntrpreneurPro and some of the Janome really cannot offer. The larger the design, the more stitches, the more stitches, the more you can charge. If you’re going to be doing either jackets or patches, a large sewing field will make you MONEY. 
  • Starter Packages – The Avancé 1501C comes with everything you’ll need to start making money. You can 2 each of the most common hoops, a heavy duty wheeled stand, backings, thread, software. .you get it all.
  • CAP EMBROIDERY –  This is almost saving the Best for Last! Every professional embroidery machine comes with the ability to sew on caps and hats, do 3D designs and more. The Avancé even comes with TWO cap frames/hoops!

Now that you know the basics of what’s different between Professional / Industrial systems and consumer, read on about the Avancé!