Embroidery Machine Accessories for Hooping

With commercial embroidery, every stitch counts. For your shop’s success, the details can make all the difference. And that means choosing he best accessories!

After your Avancé from ColDesi, the right accessories are the only real way to guarantee fantastic results for your commercial embroidery customer.   There is nothing like the little extras that go beyond basics like high-quality fabric, needles, and threads.   When searching for the best accessories for your commercial embroidery shop, one tool, in particular, will not only ensure you a quality product but also makes the sewing process so much easier.

The Right Accessory Can Make All the Difference

Every embroiderer, from hobbyists to high-volume commercial operators, knows the value of proper hooping. By keeping the fabric steady and secure during sewing, the hoop prevents unsightly puckering or pattern shifting.   Proper hooping, of both the fabric and backing, is one of the most valuable embroidery skills your employees can learn, and is critical to providing your customers a professional product.   That is why the best hooping accessories can either make or break your commercial embroidery project.   With the various devices on the market, it is more crucial than ever to keep up with advances in hooping accessories, so you know which ones will help you give clients the quality they need.   Topping the list of the best commercial embroidery accessories are three innovative hooping helpers: Mighty Hoop, HoopMaster, and Fast Frames. Use them if you want to increase customer satisfaction — and profits: For more information concerning Adornments generally, visit the embrodiery page on Wikipedia.

Mighty Hoop

The Mighty Hoop magnetic hooping device is designed to greatly simplify the hooping process. It uses magnetic force without needing to adjust the outer ring. It also automatically fine-tunes to support a variety of fabric thicknesses. The Mighty Hoop is the perfect accessory for embroidery on leather goods, outerwear, work clothing or upholstery. No longer do your employees have to waste time getting the hoop aligned just right on thick fabrics and materials.   Because Mighty Hoop naturally pulls itself together, it significantly reduces wrist and hand strain. The magnetic band works excellently on thicker garments since it needs little pressure to set. Unlike clamps, Mighty Hoops work with the HoopMaster for easy and accurate hooping, vastly reducing hoop burn.  


The HoopMaster Hooping Station is a tubular hooping system offering patented features to make hooping easy, faster, and more reliable in a commercial environment. With HoopMaster, even inexperienced employees can quickly and easily setup logo positioning in large production runs.  The HoopMaster is adaptable for all commercial hoops, with no hardware to adjust.  Fixture arms hold the tubular hoop perfectly square with both the work surface and over the lower ring.   Pins automatically square the fixture with the work surface.  Simply lift up the fixture and set it down in a new location using self-aligning pins.   Magnetic flaps keep the backing in place over the lower ring while hooping garments and a number and letter grid make repeat orders easy to set up. It eliminates the need for tape, clips, or messy spray adhesive.

Fast Frames

Fast Frames is an advanced hoopless embroidery frame that uses a unique process, allowing the user to stick the items to the frame instead of hooping. This opens up embroidery to a variety of items previously impossible to sew.   Fast Frames are perfect for the sweatband area of caps, back, sides, bill, bucket caps, collar tips, sleeve cuffs, dog collars, gym bag center flaps and more. In some cases, the design may require rotation, such as for the back arch of a cap.   The key to Fast Frames is stick-on backing on the underside. Adhesive backing is exposed in the open sew area of the frame. Next, press the area to be embroidered firmly down on the backing, using notches on the Fast Frame to line up for alignment. Anything laying down flat in the sew field can now be sewn.   Fast Frames prevent sport knits from stretching out of shape because stick-on backing holds the garment in place, making it faster and more cost effective for difficult-to-sew items.   Don’t worry about backing waste, since Fast Frame eliminates the need to use tape, clips, or messy spray glue. Magnetic flaps grip backing material in place over the lower ring while hooping the garment.   To sew, just tear off the piece, put a patch on the hole from the underside and press the next item in place.   When purchasing an embroidery machine from ColDesi, choosing the right commercial embroidery accessories from Colman and Company will save your business time and energy, making your business life easier. With the right embroidery equipment and accessories, your shop can increase both productivity and profits!

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