Anajet Comparison and Review

Why Choose DTG over Anajet Direct to Garment Printers?

Arguably, the top 2 brands of direct to garment, or digital garment printers on the market today are DTG brand and Anajet. We’ll take look at a few of the most important points of comparison and review each one.

About the Companies and Brands…

ColDesi and DTG

ColDesi, Inc, headquartered in Tampa, FL, is the exclusive distributor of the DTG line of digital printers in North & South America.

Besides their main location and dealers in Central & South America and Canada, ColDesi maintains a training and support center in New Jersey, several regional salespeople and a network of certified DTG technicians around the country.

In addition to DTG, ColDesi also sells Avancé Commercial Embroidery Machines, CAMS Automated Rhinestone Machines and the ProSpangle Spangle Transfer Machines, and the New Digital HeatFX systems.

Most apparel decorators today do not focus on just one type of decoration, or at least they desire to not focus on just one method of decoration.  It makes sense to partner with a company that can provide top quality equipment and service on multiple types of apparel decoration machines as well as training and consumables to guarantee your success. ColDesi does just that!

ColDesi stands alone as the industry leader in training and training innovation. Not only can you schedule to attend a training class in more than one location, you can choose optional onsite training, get LIVE online training, or go at your own pace with recently released web-based self-paced training classes as well.

This is invaluable for training new employees AND staying up to date yourself.


Anajet, now sells the Ricoh brand printers. They carry the  Ri 3000/Ri 6000 models.  Their previous models, the Sprint, mP5 and mP10 (with variations to each) make up their entire product line.

One of the biggest advantages to a single purpose company like Anajet shows in their advertising and presence in the marketplace. With one brand to sell, a potential customer gets all of their marketing efforts, that’s one reason

Anajet Direct to Garment Printers is one of the top brands. The other reason, of course, is that they make a solid product with a long history in the custom t shirt printing business.

Anajet is located in Southern California and does all of their training from that location.

Comparing Garment Printer Ink Systems

ColDesi and DTG

The G4 is a breakthrough for T-Shirt Printing Entrepreneurs.

If you’re a screen printer or existing digital t-shirt printing shop, you’ll appreciate the incredible production speed and versatility of the G4.

Typical full color designs on a dark shirt printer in UNDER 2 Minutes -and prints on white shirts are twice as quick as that.  Washability is better than ever, and it’s so easy to use that any of your operators can be up and running in minutes!

As a Startup or first time digital printer owner, you’ll really love the LOWWWW maintenance. The system auto cleans and that full color touch screen panel tells you when you need to do anything at all to maintain the system.

And if you want to take it on the road or run it from a kiosk or retail store you can go computer-free and print from designs stored right on the printer itself.

The G4 Printer uses Kodak Kodacolor DTG Inks designed specifically for this printer – and noone does beautiful images like Kodak! 


All of the Anajet printers use a cartridge based or, as they market it “closed loop” ink delivery system – even though there is no “loop” to the system.   This is in contrast to DTG brands “bulk ink” or bottled supply products as well as cartridges on the new Viper2.

Cartridge inks have the advantage of being generally “neater”, are simple to store and unlikely to spill. There is a theoretical advantage as well in the closed system preventing dust and debris from entering the ink lines, and another that cartridges are easier to store and much better for travelling to do trade shows or other on-site events.

The Basics of Each: Size Matters

Print area makes a difference in your end product, process time and profitability.

Large print area translates into greater versatility & profits in two ways.  First off – and most obviously – with a larger print area you can print larger images on shirts. 

This can open up a whole segment of customers that you would be unable to reach with standard field direct to garment printers like the Anajet.  Secondly, it allows for multiple smaller platens to be printed at one time for your smaller images – which equates to greater productivity!

ColDesi and DTG

The DTG M2 allows printing up to 17.7” X 24”- with up to 4 shirts at a time with optional platens – that adds up to an extra 176 sq inches of printable

However, the DTG G4 has other unique specs which stack up to even grater advantages over the Anajet.


Entry level printer, has a print area of 12.5” X 16” – and prints only one shirt at a time, regardless of image size. The Anajet mPower mP5i and the mp10i share a print area maximum of 14” X 18”.

While this webinar recording compares Brother DTG Printers and Epson DTG Printers, the information is accurate for the Anajet comparison as well.

Direct to Garment Printer Pricing

Pricing is always the most difficult thing to compare with the these types of products. The differences in supply packages, training costs and support can make a significant impact on your investment, and are rarely included in the MSRP.

ColDesi it the only brand that lists its standard pricing on their website at  along with estimated lease payments. Anajet does not, so you will have to get an actual quote to find out the true cost.

On average though, the Anajet brand is +/- 20% higher than the equivalent DTG model.

These are some of the most important review and comparison points when choosing a DTG printer. Visit for customer success stories with their products or visit for more information on DTG brand products.

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