What You Need to Start a Bling Business | Spangle & Rhinestone

It is no secret that bling clothing is very alluring. Not only can a little sparkle on an outfit attract people’s eye, but it also has a high perceived value. Think of spirit wear. A “football mom” tank that is covered in sparkly bling is going to go for a higher...

What You Need To Start a Heat Transfer Vinyl T-Shirt Business

If you are reading this article, you must be thinking about starting a business in apparel decorating. You could be just thinking of a way to get your feet wet, or you could be motivated to become your own boss and start making some serious money. Either way, heat...
coir doormat on printer

Video Connection | How To Make Custom Coir Doormats

https://vimeo.com/418930943 Getting Creative with UV Printing Print Directly onto these Popular Door Mats and Reel in the Customers Coir doormats are a popular choice for homes because they are durable and functional. However, many people choose to purchase pre-made...
UV Printing custom street signs

Video Connection | Printing Street Signs with UV

https://vimeo.com/534583391 Getting Creative with UV Printing How to Print Custom Street Signs Businesses, neighborhoods and municipalities often need street signs that are specific to their needs – perhaps a sign for a one-way street, or a warning about a traffic...
Custom Products Configurators

Custom Products Configurators

Higher Profits and Better Customer Experience - for Retail Brands and Wholesalers You may not recognize the term “configurator,” but you’ll likely know what it is when you see it. If you’ve gone to one of the large custom t-shirt or embroidery websites, for example,...

T-Shirt Business Turnaround | Start HERE

T-Shirt Business Turnaround | Start HERE

Here’s your road map to looking at your business the way a seller and buyer would, rather than a business owner. This is not about selling your business. It’s about revealing where your business may need some help.

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