ColDesi Inc. Celebrates the Unique Success of Sweetwater Boutique Embroidery & Gifts, LLC.

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ColDesi Inc. Celebrates the Unique Success of Sweetwater Boutique Embroidery & Gifts, LLC.

Jul 9, 2019 | News

iris swaney owner of sweetwater botique holding fish07/09/2019, Tampa, Fl -ColDesi Inc. is celebrating Iris Swaney, Owner of Sweetwater Boutique Embroidery & Gifts.  Swaney, who has always loved sewing and hand embroidery, followed her dream in 2008 and has never looked back.


Iris loves to create and experiment with patterns, always adding her unique homemade flare to her designs.  “I am a sew-er by nature. I have been sewing and making embroidery by hand since my childhood.  -I love the handmade look.”  She said.


“I was working full time, plus doing my embroidery and sewing on the side for three years (before formally starting her own business),”  She says her 9-year-old Jack Russell terrier named Bailey, “keeps me going.”


Doing what she loves beats the corporate day to day world of working for someone else.  She is building her own stream of income that can last a lifetime.


Partnering with Coldesi, Iris purchased the Avance’ 1501C commercial embroidery machine after months of research.   “I use my single needle machine for certain jobs and then use ‘Big Bertha’ (aka, my Avance embroidery machine) for everything else,” Iris said.


Swaney also purchased the Spangle Elite bling machine to create fantastic spangle transfers for her more demanding customers.


When she needs help, she looks to her industry friends for advice.  “The Custom Apparel Startups Facebook Group is worth it all by itself!” She says

Swaney describes the challenges business owners face: “It is long nights and weekends of hard work, and I am far from where I want to be, -but I keep at it, constantly experimenting with different avenues.”  She lives by her motto: “Work Hard, Create, and Smile!”


“The Avance and the Spangle Elite are the perfect combination to bring in big profits for her business,” said Mark Stephenson, Director of Marketing for ColDesi.  “Having started with only a sewing machine, financing her commercial equipment has allowed her to leave her job of 8 years and do what she loves” He said.


The Spangle Elite has been recently updated.  The machine comes ready to do 13″ x 10.25″ designs at up to 900 spangles per minute. (or combine two sheets for a HUGE 13″ x 20.50″ Design)


For more information about the Avance Brand, or the Spangle Elite, you can find info at https://colmanandcompany.com/Spangle_Elite.html  and https://avance-emb.com/


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