ColDesi Partners with Plymouth State Marketing Program to Promote Student-Led Business Initiatives

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ColDesi Partners with Plymouth State Marketing Program to Promote Student-Led Business Initiatives

Sep 27, 2018 | News

Tampa, Florida 09/27/2018 – ColDesi, Inc. this week joined the Marketing students of Plymouth State University for the celebration and grand opening of their “Statehouse” building.

Partnering with the MAPS Group (Marketing Association of Plymouth State) ColDesi was the single source provider for their new student-led business initiative.

Mark Stephenson, Director of Marketing for the company was on hand to present along with Donald Birx, President of Plymouth State, and Paula-Lee Hobson, VP of marketing and advancement.

“Being there for the official opening of the Statehouse was pretty incredible.” Said, Mark.   “Professor’s Dumont and Allen and the student members have created something really special.  And, the Statehouse is a place that teaches important lessons in small business and marketing through the use of the custom t-shirt shop they’ve built.” He said.

“Also, working with “Statement” (the brand name for the custom clothing the students create) provides the experience these students need to succeed in the job market,” Stephenson said.

Each week, the students produce great looking t-shirts, printed items and embroidery for the clubs and groups not only at the University but also the local area.

Building on their recent achievement of being named a top 10 American Marketing Association Collegiate Chapter, MAPS is proving that real-life experiences in a Student-run business can generate big profits as well as an exceptional educational experience.

Brad Allen Ph.D., Professor of International Business, said “Our partnership with ColDesi is a great example of what we call an “open laboratory” experience for our students where external partners play a major role in an experience the extends the classroom.” The students deal with deadlines, budgets, shipping issues, equipment training, and maintenance schedules.

These are proving to be great learning experiences and provide our student’s opportunities to overcome adversity and appreciate the rewards of hard work.  “From the beginning… we reached out to ColDesi, Inc. to learn about this venture and explore the equipment options before we made what was to be a substantial purchase for the MAPS organization.” He said.

Plymouth State has undergone a major change in how they deliver their courses.  All with the intent to provide their students a cutting-edge 21st-century academic experience.  They use a process called “Clustering” or “Clusters” which replaces traditional pillars of education majors with a more interdisciplinary experience.   Clusters allow students to explore different topics more fluidly and address issues as they would in the real world.

Within the framework of degrees and majors, the MAPS students are also engaged in more diverse learning experiences as they continue to expand and grow Plymouth State’s first ever entirely student-run business on our campus.

Allen went on to say: “I can tell you that we have had our bumps in the road but to be honest, that is an amazing experience that I have seen benefit our students greatly.”


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