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Jan 10, 2018 | News

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ColDesi Releases Print Optimizer t-shirt design software for improving designs

TAMPA, FLORIDA – 01/05/2018 –  ColDesi, Inc., a global, award-winning leader in sales of commercial t-shirt printing machines today announced their Print Optimizer t-shirt design software for improving images.


“Our new Print Optimizer t-shirt design software is the missing piece for people that have heat transfer printers,” says Don Copeland, Product Manager for ColDesi.  “It allows customers to import a design, and process it for printing on any of the t-shirt printing machines.” He said.


Includes GIMP T-Shirt Design Software

The new software includes the popular GIMP t-shirt design software with each copy of Print Optimizer.  The software is a full-featured program which allows customers to bring in clip-art and designs in multiple formats to create custom designs for t-shirts and other garments.


In addition to the standard t-shirt design software features, the company has designed the software to handle all the pre-processing that artists have to an image to allow it to print correctly to direct to garment printers.


Other t-shirt design software systems reportedly do not provide the interface necessary or the design queues that Print Optimizer has.


“We’ve combined those two products to make the NEW DigitalHeat FX easier to use, more profitable and better able to help you start and GROW your business.” Says Marc Villa, Director of Marketing for Colman & Company.


With over 21,000 customers served in their 40 + years in business, The ColDesi group released their t-shirt design software as part of their booming Digital Heat FX t-shirt design system.


About The ColDesi, Group

The ColDesi group carries a full line of custom t-shirt printing machines and apparel decorating equipment.  They offer bling machines, monogramming machines, direct to garment printers, heat transfer printers, DTG printers and vinyl cutters.


In their 40+ years of business, ColDesi has helped over 21,000 clients reach their dreams of launching their startup business and expanding into other markets.  ColDesi, Inc. group is a privately held family-owned group of companies with over 60 employees, and offices in New Jersey and Tampa.


To learn more about the Digital Heat FX system, the Print Optimizer t-shirt design software, or how ColDesi, Inc. helps custom apparel business owners get started, Call 855-348-4839, or visit Digital Heat FX website or watch this Anytime Webinar right now and learn everything you need to know!


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