Owner: Jim Tuchler
Year Established: 1999
Type of business:  Custom Gifts

One of the Highest Ranked Websites for Personalized Gift Items. is one of the highest ranked websites on the internet for personalized gift items and is in the top 1% of search results for “personalized gifts”. 

This successful and quickly expanding company is a customer of both ColDesi and their DTG brand garment printers and Colman and Company for GENUINE DTG Inks and other supplies.  

Jim Tuchler of was good enough to share his experience.


Tell me about how your business got started.

We started in 1999, but I bought the business in 2009 after a career in internet retail at

Which technologies do you use? 

 For apparel we use a variety of technologies: DTG, heat transfer, and embroidery. We also sublimate and engrave a lot of gift items.

What kind of equipment did you purchase and why? 

We chose the DTG Viper from ColDesi for the best cost/output option and the quality of the product. We now have 5 DTG Vipers and growing!

How did you decide what market to go after? 

Accidentally. We got a DTG Viper to meet a customer’s needs for a new venture. The venture flopped, but we decided to convert some heat transfer designs from white to colored stock, and the response from our customers was positive.

What’s the biggest hurdle you had to overcome? 

It’s a technical issue that still remains; when you print with reds and oranges in particular, there’s an outline or pre-treat box that’s left on the shirt. It washes out in the first wash, and we have found approaches that work best, but I hope to see next generation of pretreatment with no box visible. Also looking for increases in throughput to meet new demand!

How do you get your design ideas? 

We have a stable of designers who come up with interesting concepts. We test them and then add more to the ones that are successful.

Who are your typical customers? 

Moms and Grandmoms who love personalized gifts!

What services or products do you offer that might appeal to other Colman and Company and ColDesi customers? 

We personalize everything we sell, with no minimum quantity. We offer 1 day turn around on drop-ship orders, so anyone looking to offer personalized products without the hassle of producing can turn to us for their personalized apparel and gift fulfillment.

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